Kelly Brassbridge [JJones]

Episode 2
47m | Nov 12, 2020

Kelly Brassbridge, stand-up comic and host of the hilarious and delightful podcast “Nothing’s Really Real,” got his start performing as a hip-hop artist, rapping under the name 'Jesus Jones.' On this episode, Kelly joins host Gino Brann for a spirited conversation about writing joke raps, the diamond surface of Neptune, breakfast in a small-town diner, candyflipping, and plenty more. They also listen to his music and perform one of his songs live in the studio.


Songs featured:

• "The Last Time" by JJones & Scotty Soul

• "Two Breakfastses" by The Space Boys

• "A little bit like (clip)" by JJones (beat by Scotty Soul)

• "Stars Fade Out" by JJones (beat by BoomBaptist)

• "Jam (Live)" by JJones


Find and follow Kelly on these channels:

• Soundcloud:

• Bandcamp:

• The "Stars Fade Out" video:

• Download “Diamonds on Neptune” by the Space Boys:


• Created and produced by Gino Brann (@ginobrann)

• Artwork by Jeongmin Lee (@mintheelephant)

• Intro music: "Me? Oui!" by Gino Brann

• Outro music: "Forever" by Jen Sotham


Liquid Sound, in cooperation with the Liquid Arts Network, is recorded at the Liquid Arts Network Studio, Oryukdo, Busan, South Korea.


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