Episode 8
44m | Jan 5, 2021

Hajimama was a band active from 2008 to 2012, and they quickly became known throughout Busan for their high-energy performances and catchy singalong choruses, with often comedic observations about life in Korea. On this episode, founding members Collwyn Craig and Daniel Panozzo join host Gino Brann to relive the glory days of Hajimama and talk about healthy competition and knowing your strengths within a band, recordings that didn’t age so well, monster noses, and lots more. They also finish up the episode with a live studio performance of an unreleased song. 


Songs featured:

• "Abandon Seoul" by Hajimama

• "Midnight Crowd" by Hajimama

• "It's Mine” by Daniel Panozzo

• "Party Hard (live)” by Hajimama


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• Created and produced by Gino Brann (@ginobrann)


• Artwork by Jeongmin Lee (@mintheelephant)

• Intro music: "Me? Oui!" by Gino Brann

• Outro music: "Forever" by Jen Sotham


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