Hey LinkedIn people,

this is a Video and Podcast series where we will interview people who are successful on LinkedIn. So that we can all learn from their strategies, tips and tools.


Would you like to know how to use LinkedIn for your business?

Are you frustrated by posting on LinkedIn but not getting any good results?

Would you like to finally know how to generate leads and business from LinkedIn?

Well - you are in the right place and at the right time.

Welcome to LinkedIn Smarts - I am your host: Vit Kodousek… 


005 - LINKEDIN SMART: Trisha Chapman
Show Details22min 44s
004 - LINKEDIN SMART: Nathanial Bibby
Show Details35min 53s
003 - LINKEDIN SMART: Nanna Sondrup
Show Details38min 10s
002 - LINKEDIN SMART: Todd Hartley
Show Details25min 17s
001 - LINKEDIN SMART: Neeru Sharma
Show Details32min 45s