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The purpose of LIFTED is to inspire all generations to aspire for financial dependency through educated decisions. The podcast will be a vessel to carry the stories of successful people in all lines of work. The hope is that these stories will shed light on all aspects of not only the successes, but also all the hard work, failures and lessons learned along the way. The goal is that what is shared on the LIFTED podcast will help motivate and guide anyone to success emotionally and financially.


Season 2 - Phree interview
Show Details55min 24s
Live Stream Apr 8, 2018 Hour+
Show Details1hr 22min
Live Stream Apr 8, 2018
Show Details1min 23s
Live Stream Mar 4, 2018
Show Details2min 43s
Peda Edouard
Show Details30min 21s
Before and After Basketball
Show Details29min 21s
Larry Ronco
Show Details33min 10s
Naphtali Visser Overcome Mental Adversities
Show Details18min 59s
Dante Patterson Speaking on Diverse Income
Show Details31min 56s
Patrick Ahearn, architect, on L.I.F.T.E.D.
Show Details29min 37s
La Fábrica Central : : Grand Opening!
Show Details56s
Dan Morales & Sonnia Aquino
Show Details24min 4s
2017 January
Show Details10min 59s