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Crash Victim Life Survivor Podcast

Are you looking for some weekly inspiration? Then you are in the right ..podcast! The most inspirational people are those who are REAL! Stay tuned and you will listen to a real life transformational story after a great impact. In this case a car accident impact. A few words about me. My name is Athanasia. In Greek it means immortality and of course I don't think I am immortal ( not sure if I even wish to be) but in 2001 I did beat the odds! I am a fatal car crash survivor.. a burn survivor.. a LIFE SURVIVOR from Greece.Losing two dear friends in one split second, having my marriage crashed to pieces and my body injured by 3rd and 4th degree burns changing my reflection in the mirror, definitely made me re-think every single thing I took for granted. I came very close to losing my life.. But I am very grateful to still be around. I have made it my mission to inform people of how dangerous reckless driving can be, in memory of my dear friends Sotiri and Efie and their two boys that were left behind, orphans and going through life without their parents. I invite you to listen and join me on this journey where I will be taking through each step before, during and after the crash.



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