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Life on the Line: Stories of a New York City Chef

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the back of a restaurant every time you see a waiter or waitress walk through the kitchen door? Do you ever think about what the people who serve you are going through? Are you curious about what's behind the curtain after you take away the glitz and glamor of a cooking show? For the 99.9% if you who responded with "No, can you please let me eat my food in peace?", I understand and that a totally acceptable answer. To the .01%, I see you and I got you.

Welcome to Life on the Line (LotL), a weekly podcast that documents personal experiences of a NYC chef (that's me!). Come by and listen to unscripted, raw energy audio journals that will explore the various aspects of a restaurant, the physical and mental toll of a blue collar job, and any unique encounters I will have either at work or on my commute to and from work.

I hope that my listeners will gain a new perspective on the restaurant and hospitality business, and maybe will consider personally thanking everyone who serves the public. But enough reading. It's time to lay down, kick back, and hit play while I tell you how my week went. Order up, and enjoy!


It's Showtime Baby! (Stories from 9/13)
Show Details40min 49s
One Chip Off the Old Block (Stories from 9/6)
Show Details36min 25s
Bizarre Gay Aliens (yes this is actually the title) (Stories from 8/30)
Show Details52min 5s
Stay-Cation Mini-sode! (Stories from 8/23)
Show Details19min 31s
What I Do In My Free Time (and A Rant About Modern Day Writers for Media) (Stories from 8/16)
Show Details1hr 31min
Respectfully Respecting Respect (whole lotta respect) (Stories from 8/9)
Show Details30min 41s
A Bloody Quiet Week (Stories from 8/2)
Show Details37min 9s
Stepping Out and Saying Goodbye (Stories from July 26th)
Show Details47min 17s
"Boy it sure is a hot one" - Wally, from "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" (Stories from July 19th)
Show Details1hr 3min
Pilot: Introductions and New Beginnings! (Stories from July 12, 2022)
Show Details39min 55s