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Life Below Your Means

An exploration of my beliefs when it comes to personal finance. Old school investing based on logic and value. How to build a savings account when building one seems hopeless. Nothing on this show is financial advice.


High Inflation? Buy Some I Bonds.
Show Details11min 16s
Taking Profits and Averaging Down - The Pirate Ship
Show Details5min 6s
Money & Relationships - Stop Fighting & Start Saving
Show Details6min 22s
Another Bitcoin Crash Will Come
Show Details5min 50s
American Consumers Have Lost Their Way
Show Details6min 31s
Why Do African Americans Make Less Than White People?
Show Details5min 19s
Don't Let Greed Ruin Your Portfolio
Show Details7min 53s
Is Your Hobby Destroying Your Financial Future?
Show Details5min 59s
The Little Things and Lifestyle Creep
Show Details16min
Will Inflation Ruin Your Life?
Show Details9min 5s
LBYM - You are not too big to fail
Show Details8min 29s