Life & the Lottery

I am a London based musician and truth seeker and if I may, I’d like to invite you on a journey into my colourful universe of personal epiphanies, exploring questions and answers asked and sought by many. 

Navigating through the maze of my endless ideas and the riddle of my thoughts I ask; when do we win the lottery? What’s the point of it all, and how do we make it count while we’re here? 

Exploring the wonders of spirituality, art, life and love, sometimes accompanied by guests, I, Josephine, introduce you to a very honest and intimate podcast talking about everything between heaven and earth, the deeper self, acceptance and life’s big questions. Hopefully, I will be able to feed my sanity and your hunger for knowledge, simultaneously. 



EP.12 Waking Up At 5am & My New Morning Routine
Show Details32min 50s
10: Starting A Morning Routine & Practicing Self-Love
Show Details30min 54s
EP.9 From Broke to Business Owner w. Leigh White
Show Details1hr
EP.8 Finding Authenticity in The Creative World w. Mo AKA PRYNNE
Show Details1hr 14min
EP.7 Forgiveness, Self-forgiveness & Healing
Show Details40min 36s
EP.6 Becoming a Successful Abstract Painter w. Lewis Durrant
Show Details49min 16s
EP.5 Knowing What Triggers Us, Not Taking Things Personal & Acting vs. Reacting
Show Details40min 42s
EP.4 Facing Reality vs. Escaping Reality? Defeat Your Fear & Change Your Life
Show Details40min 7s
EP.3 Chasing Dreams, Finding Success & the Law of Attraction
Show Details42min 25s
EP.2 Letting Go of Control, Being Your own Best Friend & Thriving During Lockdown
Show Details46min 20s
EP.1 Talking about Worry, Being Present & Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now
Show Details45min 14s