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Lies & Half Truths - A.P. Weber

The Lies and Half Truths Podcast is genre-bending fiction written and performed by A.P. Weber and produced by Meg Weber.


The Seed of the Fae Tree, Chapter 3
Show Details28min 52s
The Seed of the Fae Tree, Chapter 2
Show Details35min 57s
The Seed of the Fae Tree, Chapter 1
Show Details30min 4s
Rebroadcast: The Great American Afterlife
Show Details32min 30s
The Moonshadow, Chapters 19 & 20
Show Details16min 47s
The Moonshadow, Chapter 18
Show Details21min 6s
The Moonshadow, Chapter 17
Show Details15min 56s
The Moonshadow, Chapter 16
Show Details24min 4s
The Moonshadow, Chapter 15
Show Details29min 37s
What is Lies & Half Truths?
Show Details2min 57s
The Moonshadow, Chapter 14
Show Details26min 43s
The Moonshadow, Chapter 13
Show Details32min 33s
The Moonshadow, Chapter 12
Show Details29min 9s
The Moonshadow, Chapter 11
Show Details13min 16s
The Moonshadow, Chapters 9 and 10
Show Details26min 29s
The Moonshadow, Chapter 8
Show Details21min 25s
The Moonshadow, Chapter 7
Show Details34min 3s
The Moonshadow, Chapter 6
Show Details18min 34s
Update 10.26.2021
Show Details2min 6s
Update 10.12.2021
Show Details4min 25s
The Moonshadow, Chapter 5
Show Details16min 9s
The Moonshadow, Chapter 4
Show Details12min 24s
The Moonshadow, Chapter 3
Show Details12min 46s
The Moonshadow, Chapter 2
Show Details29min 17s
The Moonshadow, Chapter 1
Show Details20min 53s
Dungeons & Date Night
Show Details20min 9s
Cascade Rock Part 7
Show Details19min 32s
Cascade Rock Part 6
Show Details23min 32s
Cascade Rock Part 5
Show Details23min 37s
Cascade Rock Part 4
Show Details20min 58s
Cascade Rock Part 3
Show Details19min 53s
Cascade Rock Part 2
Show Details21min 49s
Cascade Rock Part 1
Show Details27min 25s
New Episodes Coming May 25th
Show Details7min 17s
Season 2, Episode 5: The Propagandist, Part 3
Show Details28min 33s
Season 2, Episode 4: The Propagandist, Part 2
Show Details24min 56s
Season 2, Episode 3: The Propagandist, Part 1
Show Details27min 52s
LAHT Presents: Saving Mars, By Cidney Swanson
Show Details25min 40s
LAHT Presents: Great American Afterlife by Peter Hoffmeister and Mankind
Show Details32min 44s
Episode 9: The Witch Of Hamilcar, TX, Part 4
Show Details21min 37s
Episode 8: The Witch Of Hamilcar, TX, Part 3
Show Details22min 58s
Episode 7: The Witch Of Hamilcar, TX, Part 2
Show Details25min 39s
Episode 6: The Witch Of Hamilcar, TX, Part 1
Show Details22min 48s
Episode 4: The Last Request
Show Details24min 17s
Episode 3: The Mastodon
Show Details19min 42s