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Licensed to medicine.

Hello, Through these podcasts I want to take the medicine and the revision of the topics easily accessible to everyone. I will be also talking about productivity and study tips. Through these podcasts, any medical student can revise on the go. The subjects covered will be mostly from the first two years of the medical students. Hope so you will like the initiative. Any for the visual versions and the Written contents you can visit my Instagram- licensedtomedicine. Youtube - ARPAN SINGH


Glycolysis or EMP pathway ? #MBBS #MEDICINE #FMGE #MCIINDIA #NEXT
Show Details12min 30s
About isomerism and carbohydrates. #FMGE#MCI#USMLE#MEdicine
Show Details16min 16s
Atkins diet AND ENZYME COMMISSION NUMBER. #mbbs#medicine
Show Details11min 44s
About cell organelles and the Fat and Carbohydrate interconversion. #mbbs#medicine#biochemistry
Show Details8min 35s
About the Source of body glucose, Fuel in the fed, fasting and starvation state. ALso some bits about the diabetes.
Show Details9min 5s
Basics of Biochemistry, fed fasting and its relationship, along with the compartment at which the reactions occurs.
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Introduction to the channel and the HOST.
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