"Library Hours" with Reed Brice

"Library Hours" is a limited podcast series by comedian Reed Brice. Spanning a year in the life of a gay and trans disabled person in Los Angeles, "Library Hours" is a refuge to all those too earnest and awkward to function. Their quest is to better themselves by gaining the perspective of the most genius, least boring individuals they've been fortunate enough to know after 12 years in the city. 

From dear friends from their childhood in Joshua Tree, to undeniable talents in a range of disciplines, Brice strives to listen and bring equally challenging and untedious sentiments to the table (because there are enough tedious podcasts by white comedians out there hahaha)!

All proceeds for the limited podcast series "Library Hours" will go towards an honorarium paid to guests as well as the Los Angeles mutual aid organization "Solidarity and Snacks" (@solidaritysnax on Twitter). 

Please visit for more information on how to donate and access future bonus content! 


Library Hours with Reed Brice Episode 6: Baltimore and “Bong Hits” with Camirin Farmer
Show Details44min 43s
"Library Hours" with Reed Brice: Pud, Painting, and Our Place in the Universe with Andra Whipple
Show Details40min 21s
"Library Hours" with Reed Brice: The Drag Life with Die Anna
Show Details38min 17s
"Library Hours" with Reed Brice: Pup Play Pride with Orion
Show Details53min 20s
"Library Hours" with Reed Brice: Muriel's Book and Other Parties
Show Details38min 56s
"Library Hours" with Reed Brice: Historical Spin With Sully
Show Details50min 32s