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Lewis at Large

Lewis At Large is all about smart talk and conversation between broadcast/communications veteran Warner Lewis and guests from all walks of life. The famous and not so famous but each one, experts in their field. Topics ranging from politics, sports, history, entertainment, science, social issues and much more. Entertaining and insightful dialogue minus the partisanship, hype and noise

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Professor Howard French - Historian
Show Details28min 5s
Dr. Mark Vonnegut - Pediatrician
Show Details22min 16s
Jared Alexander - Writer
Show Details21min 26s
Meriel Schindler - Attorney
Show Details22min
Dr. Richard Williams - FDA Insider
Show Details24min 17s
Ravi Shanker - Poet & Editor
Show Details22min 7s
Bill Schutt - Science Writer
Show Details27min 41s
Cheryl Diamond - Former Teenage Model
Show Details23min 36s
Dara Horn - Author
Show Details23min 36s
Julie King - Educator
Show Details23min 53s
Mary Roach - Journalist
Show Details24min 26s
John Ferling - Historian
Show Details24min 55s
Charles Dellheim - Author
Show Details28min 36s
Ahmet Zappa - Musician
Show Details25min 6s
Marc Strauss - Poet & Writer
Show Details26min 44s
Paul Sexton - British Music Journalist
Show Details30min 6s
Dan Glickman - Former U.S. Agriculture Secretary
Show Details24min 6s
Dennis Kucinich - Former Congressman
Show Details24min 55s
Jeff Shesol - Former Speechwriter for President Bill Clinton
Show Details22min 32s
Elizabeth Hinton - American Historian
Show Details23min 23s
Hank Garrett - Actor
Show Details32min 23s
Michael Blanding - Investigative Journalist
Show Details21min 42s
Danielle Drielinger - Writer & Broadcaster
Show Details25min 55s
Lydia Densworth - Science Journalist
Show Details21min 55s
Adam Jentlesen - Fmr Deputy Chief of Staff to Sen. Harry Reid
Show Details23min 42s
Andrea Pitzer - Journalist
Show Details24min 43s
Judy Scott - Independent Film Producer
Show Details25min 27s
Craig Taylor - Indiana University Professor of Radiology
Show Details26min 54s
John F. Wasik - Author
Show Details23min 36s
Glenn Frankel - Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist and Author
Show Details25min 59s
Amelia Pang - Award-Winning Investigative Journalist
Show Details21min 37s
Harold Holzer - Presidential Historian
Show Details23min 14s
Hadasah Lieberman - Wife of Joe Lieberman
Show Details23min
Amy Russo - Providence Journal
Show Details28min 19s