Lets Talk Mascots

Join us every week as we discuss different mascots each episode from a variety of sports leagues including NBA, NHL, MLS, and more. We will go in-depth about their history and background with finally rating their performances at the end. Hosted by Brady Silvia, a person that endearment everything related to mascots while wanting to share the characteristics and apprehension about them to educate everyone better on these certitudes. Brady has met many mascots before in their lifetime and shares what is deep within their heart, filled with stories about something they hold onto. It seems like an unusual job or passion to have but that won't take away Brady's love for them and nothing will change or hold back what they love most of. There are over a million mascots out there in this world, all with different characteristics, colors, history, and styles showing pride for their team, and each episode will expand that further into more details about who they are as a mascot. Their job is to simply show leadership and luck towards their team whether it's giving high fives, throwing popcorn all over the place, or even hitting people in the face with a pie that route for the opposite team, all this sums up to making their character loveable while making others laugh too. If you want to request a mascot to be discussed on an episode or even tell us your story if you have one, email us at Please understand that we receive a lot of submissions from people sending us an email as a way to reach out to the show and possibly get their submission read on an episode. However in this case, we try out best to read all of them but don't guarantee to read them individually. Make sure to also follow us on Instagram at for more content you love from us. You can also follow our Twitter at where we post all sort of stuff as well. See you every week with a brand new episode.