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Let's Talk XFL

Welcome football fans! Buckle up for another hard hitting episode of "Let's Talk XFL", the only podcast solely focused on the XFL. From a sunny southwest Florida Studio, here's your host Michael Lathrop.


Episode 28 "New Hire and Partnerships"
Show Details14min 41s
Episode 27 "New Football Design and Summer Showcases"
Show Details29min 43s
Episode 26 "A Leak and Byrd Visit"
Show Details19min 14s
Episode 25 "Football Wars and Dean Blandino"
Show Details25min 42s
Episode 24 "Information Overload"
Show Details15min 55s
Episode 23 "New Identity, Legal Action, Potential Cities and Coaches"
Show Details58min 43s
Episode 22 "Stop Teasing Us"
Show Details11min 6s
Episode 21 "Pro Days and Trademarks"
Show Details14min 13s
Episode 20 "I'm Back"
Show Details16min 5s
Episode 19 "My Extended Absence"
Show Details36min 5s
Episode 18 "Fulfilled Absence"
Show Details40min 20s
Episode 17 "Broken Silence"
Show Details18min 22s
Episode 16 "Unjustified Disappointment"
Show Details20min 44s
Episode 15 "Anxiously Waiting"
Show Details36min 4s
Episode 14 "The Anticipation Is Building"
Show Details16min 30s
Episode 13 "Lucky Number 13"
Show Details13min 7s
Episode 12 "Rocking the Manning Cast"
Show Details30min 32s
Episode 11 "Podcasts and More"
Show Details23min 13s
Episode 10 "Unearthing Gems"
Show Details15min 18s
Episode 9 "The Talent Arms Race"
Show Details40min 29s
Episode 8 "A 360 Viewpoint"
Show Details38min 27s
Episode 7 "The Great White North Debate"
Show Details14min 56s
Episode 6 "Houston We Have A Problem"
Show Details27min 20s
Episode 5 "All About The Benjamins"
Show Details41min 42s
Episode 4.5 "Happy Thanksgiving"
Show Details4min 44s
Episode 4 "Home, Sweet Home"
Show Details40min 48s
Episode 3 "We're On A Roll"
Show Details19min 37s
Episode 2 "The Journey Continues"
Show Details37min 12s
Episode 1 "The Beginning"
Show Details19min 1s
Let's Talk XFL - Trailer
Show Details1min 35s