Production Designer Amrita Mahal on using your personality as the starting point for your mood board

44m | Dec 1, 2022

From Brahmastra and Kalank to Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani and Wake Up Sid, in her stellar career as an art director Amrita Mahal Nakai has made movies of every scale and size look beautiful. How different or similar is set design from home design? What does she bring from her own life experiences to décor? Bollywood’s favourite production designer Amrita tells us that as it is in life, even in film designing a space is about knowing the personality and character of the person who the space belongs to. And also, the feelings that that space is required to elicit within us, the viewers. In this episode she takes us through it all—her serendipitous journey into this career, designing sets for Karan Johar, vanity vans for Ranbir and Alia, tips on personalising your home, how to create a mood board, her favourite thrift stores around the world and more. 

Hosted by Rachana Nakra

Produced by Nikhil Dintakurthi

Sound Partner: Smart Voice Studio

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