Designer Sarah Sham on decorating your rental home on a budget

34m | Oct 27, 2022

What are the things you should be looking at in a house before renting it? Is it possible to give a brand-new look to the bathroom on a budget? Which furniture pieces are worth buying, and which ones should you just rent? On this episode we have an expert to answer all your rental home related questions. Sarah Sham is the principal designer at Essajee’s Atelier, one of the most sought-after design practices in the country. She is the best person for this podcast not just for that, but also because we appreciate her first-hand experience—in the last few years she has rented two run-down apartments in south Mumbai and turned them into beautiful, warm homes for her family. She is full of simple tips, ideas and hacks on making your rental home look and feel like your dream home while working on a budget. 

Hosted by Rachana Nakra

Produced by Nikhil Dintakurthi

Sound Partner: Smart Voice Studio

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