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Let Freedom Ring

Every day, Noah Ring brings you his take on the state of the country. He brings his experience as a political activist and published author to the table. He has been described as "A voice for the future" and "The next Rush Limbaugh"


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There's Nothing Bipartisan about Gun Control
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Biden Berates MAGA Supporters
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Hillary is Being Held Accountable?
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The Ukraine War is Backfiring on Putin and Biden
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Joe Biden's Nominee Sits on Board of School that Pushes CRT
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The Time Joe Biden Blocked a Black Woman From Being on the Supreme Court
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Biden's Supreme Court Nominee is soft on Pedophiles
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Should Americans Get Ready for a War with Russia?
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Joe Biden is Gas Lighting Americans on Gas Prices
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Podcast Featuring Donald Trump Removed from Youtube
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Donald Trump goes 33-0 in Primary Endorsements
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RINO Republican Sides With Leftists
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Fake Republican Governor Will Veto Save Women's Sports Act
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Is Biden To Blame For Gas Prices?
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My Response to Biden's State of the Union
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Eric Swallwell Wants to Deport Russian Students
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Biden is leading us to War With Russia
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We need Constitutional Carry
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Are Students being taught to be Anti Semitic?
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Students Forced to Chant Black Lives Matter
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Professor Calls Youngkin a Trump Retard
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What is the Cause of Inflation?
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The Inevitable War with Russia
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Let's Analyze Glenn Youngkin
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Don't Worry about Calling your Senator?
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David Perdue
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Trump Endorsed David Perdue Joins to Discuss His Bid for Governor
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Kevin McCarthy 'I will Remove 3 Democrats from their Committees"
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How many GOP Senators will lose their primary?
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Student Docked Points for Referring to God as a male
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The Red Wave Forces Nancy Pelosi into Retirement
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The Problem Runs Deeper than MTG Being Banned
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University of Oregon wants to make CRT a Graduation Requirement
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Top 5 Cases of Liberal Bias in 2021
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Primaries are a good thing
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Thankfully, Biden Realizes there is no Federal Solution to Covid
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11 Billion in Taxes is not enough?
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China Is Creating ‘Brain-Control Weaponry’
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I am Launching Liberal Bias Watchdog Group
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Defund The Police Congresswoman Carjacked in Broad Daylight
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Are we heading for More Covid Lockdowns?
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Olivia Rondeau Talks Being a Minority Conservative in College
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Joe Biden is a Lame Duck
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Reacting to Liberal Students
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Why would a College Student Vote for Donald Trump?
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Joe Manchin Single Handedly Ended Joe Biden's Presidency
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Trump Could Become Speaker?
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The Impeachment 10
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Female Student Speaks Out Against Transgender Students in Sports
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Fauci Says Yearly Covid Boosters are the future
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Joe Biden is a Crisis President
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Parent Kicked banned from School Board for Opposing Vaccine Mandates
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A racially segregated "processing space" has been set up at the university after the Rittenhouse decision.
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David Perdue is Taking On Brian Kemp
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Dr John Barge Talks Mask Mandates and Critical Race Theory in Highschool
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Josh Edmonds Tells us about the State of Roe
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Roe V Wade Is on its last leg
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Black Conservative Jaden Heard Speaks out!
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College Student 'angry' and 'scared' of Cisgender Men
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My First Ever Vote was Stolen?
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Constitutional Carry Amendment?
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The True Story of Thanksgiving
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Cop Fired for Donating to Rittenhouse Defense Fund
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College Professor Charged for Assaulting Conservative Student
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The Left is Losing its mind after the Rittenhouse Verdict
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Josh Mahler talks about Rittenhouse, Julius Jones and the rise of Trumpism
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My Reaction to the Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict
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Kevin McCarthy talks for 8 hours, Burt Jones Guests
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Marjorie Taylor-Greene Destroys the Left
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Americans don't want to 'Build Back Better'
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The Right needs to Start Fighting Back Against the Left
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Biden wants Kamala out as Vice President?
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Olivia Rondeau is In The Ring
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The Left Wants to Normalize Abortion
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The Future of the GOP is at stake
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I Stand With Aaron Rodgers
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What does Youngkin's Victory mean moving Forward?
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Who is Joe Biden in trouble with?
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Should Classrooms have Cameras?
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The Left is at War With Cops
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School Purposefully Witheld Information About a Student Being Raped
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Did Biden almost Cause Another 9/11?
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Southwest Cancels Hundreds of Flights…Again
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Joe Biden Cancels Contracts to Build Border Wall!
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The Left is Attempting to Fundamentally Change this Country
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Modern Day Segregation is Upon Us
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Joe Biden wants to Print $1,000,000,000,000
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The Democrats Attempt to Make DC a State
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Supreme Court poised to make landmark rulings on abortion, guns, religious rights
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Joe Biden is the Worst President in American History
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Jane Timken Talks About her Campaign for Ohio Senate
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Joe Biden's Crumbling Immigration Plan
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David Belle Isle discusses his bid for Secretary of State
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You can lead a horse to water
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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
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LFR #33: Jake Evans Makes The Case for Impeachment
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LFR #32: Bo Hines Guests
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LFR #31: Joined by a Young Conservative Superstar
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LFR #29: Congresswoman MTG Joins to discuss investigation
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LFR #28: California Recall (Hour 2)
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LFR #28: Conservative College Student's Censored (Hour 1)
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LFR #27: Biden's Dropping Poll Numbers (Hour 2)
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LFR #27: Biden's Dropping Poll Numbers (Hour 1)
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LFR #26: Joe Biden's Kabul
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LFR #25: It's time to hold China Accountable with Latham Saddler
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LFR #24: The Crisis at the Border with Congressman Buddy Carter
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LFR #23: The tale of two Townhalls
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LFR #22: Baltimore's Education with Antonio Pitocco
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LFR #21: Was the election Stolen? Featuring Mark Davis
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LFR #19 Biden wants to Track Text Messages?
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LFR: #18 A 14 Year Old Conservative Joins Us
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LFR:17 A New Beginning (Richard McCormick Guests)
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LFR #16: The Story of Nicholas J. Cutinha
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LFR #15: What has our country come to?
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Big Things Ahead
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LFR #14: Donald Trump taken off of Twitter
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LFR #13: The State of the Country comes down to Georgia
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LFR #12: Finally, a new year is upon us.
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LFR #11: The future of the Republic with Sonny Perdue
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LFR#10: The Election that keeps on Going - Isabel Brown Guests
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LFR #9: The Kraken works for the Deep State?
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LFR #8: The Future of the Republic is Bright
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LFR #7: The state of the 2020 Election (Juanita Broaddrick Guests)
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LFR #6: Cancel Culture
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LFR #5: Rumble in the Jungle
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LFR #4: DeFEND The Police with Joe Borelli
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LFR #3: Liberal Bias in Schools
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LFR #2: Social Media censorship and the future of the conservative movement. Will Chamberlain Guests
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LFR #1: Kyle Rittenhouse and the State of the Media, Congressman Graves Guests
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