• EXCLUSIVELarry Moores

    In this episode we dive deep into the storied career of retired Major Larry Moores. Highlighting his military journey, beginning in 1982 with the 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, Larry recounts his experiences at pivotal moments in U.S. military history, including operations in Grenada, Somalia, and post-9/11 conflicts. From his early days as a PFC to his transformative deployment in Operation Urgent Fury, and later serving as a commissioned officer, Larry shares fascinating insights into the evolution of the Ranger Regiment and the Special Operations community.

    Larry's vivid recollections of the Battle of Mogadishu shed light on the intense environment and the critical leadership roles that defined the mission's success. Discussing the key takeaways and lessons learned from these operations, he emphasizes the importance of rigorous training, adaptability, and the cohesive bond among Rangers. As Larry transitions from his distinguished military career into civilian life, his involvement with the Three Rangers Foundation and ongoing contributions to Ranger legacy organizations underscore his commitment to supporting fellow Rangers.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Training & Preparation: Emphasized the importance of rigorous training and preparation in building a strong foundation for mission success.
    • Battle of Mogadishu Insights: Detailed account of leadership, adaptability, and the pivotal role played by Rangers during the conflict.
    • Legacy & Transition: Focused on the continued support for the Ranger community through organizations like the Three Rangers Foundation.
    • Evolution of Rangers: Discussed the significant growth and evolution of the Ranger Regiment from the 1980s to post-9/11 operations.

    Leadership Lessons: Highlighted the critical leadership lessons learned from both his successes and failures throughout his military career.

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    S2E16 - 1h 35m - Jul 20, 2024
  • EXCLUSIVEChris Sizelove

    About the Guest:

    Chris Sizelove:

    Chris Sizelove is a retired Master Sergeant who had a distinguished career in the U.S. Army. Joining in 1999, he served in various capacities in the elite 75th Ranger Regiment spanning across the 2nd, 3rd, and 1st Battalions. His extensive service includes roles as a Pre-Ranger Instructor and a pivotal participant in forming the Regimental Special Troops Battalion (RSTB). Sizelove also held the elite position of Master Breacher of the Regiment and later transitioned to roles in the Defense Intelligence Agency. Following his retirement in 2019, he now works as the Director of Training for a Special Operations Forces (SOF) goods and gear manufacturer.

    Episode Summary:

    In this episode of Legends of the 75th Podcast, host Mike welcomes retired Master Sergeant Chris Sizelove, an Army veteran with an extensive and impactful career in the 75th Ranger Regiment. The conversation dives deep into Sizelove’s experiences, from joining the army in 1999 just before the September 11th attacks to his unique roles within the regiment, including serving in every battalion of the Rangers. This episode provides a rich narrative on his journey, his contribution to the formation of the RSTB, and his time as the Master Breacher of the Regiment.

    Sizelove reflects on the evolution of the Ranger Regiment, emphasizing the growth and changes in tactics, technology, and training over his career. He shares insights into his instructional roles and his time at the Defense Intelligence Agency, highlighting the importance of mentoring and teaching in the regiment. His transition to civilian life and his current role in a SOF goods manufacturer are also explored, offering a comprehensive look at life after active duty. This episode is packed with compelling stories and lessons from Sizelove's career, making it a must-listen for military enthusiasts and anyone interested in leadership and personal growth.

    Key Takeaways:

    • The evolution of the Ranger Regiment: Chris Sizelove discusses the changes in tactics, training, and technology over his career, providing a historical perspective on the regiment's development.
    • Importance of mentoring: Sizelove emphasizes the value of teach, coach, and mentor practices within the regiment and how these principles contributed to his career.
    • Role as Master Breacher: Insights into his tenure as the Master Breacher of the Regiment, the challenges faced, and the impact of the role on his professional development.
    • Transition to civilian life: Chris shares his journey transitioning from military to civilian life and the importance of finding meaningful post-service employment.
    • Brotherly bonds: The significance of the brotherhood in the Ranger Regiment and how these relationships have continued to influence his life after the military.

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    S2E13 - 2h 10m - Jul 6, 2024

    Episode Summary: 

    Welcome to a special episode of the Legend of the 75th Podcast as we sit with Lieutenant General Ken Keen at Emory University in North Georgia. Join us as General Keen reflects on his exceptional journey, which began in 1974 with his decision to join the U.S. Army amid a turbulent time in America. His extensive career spans various critical roles and major global operations, including Operation Just Cause and Desert Storm. His insights provide a rich narrative that encompasses high-stakes decision-making, leadership under pressure, and the evolution of military culture. Throughout the episode, General Keen delves into his transition from ground operations to leadership roles in the Special Forces and the 75th Ranger Regiment. From his challenges faced during his initial assignment at Fort Ord to becoming the 11th Colonel of the 75th Ranger Regiment, Keen’s stories illuminate his leadership style and strategic thought process. Key moments include his involvement in the Panama invasion, Desert Storm, and the initiation and success of dress and policy reforms within the Ranger Regiment, notably the shift from the black to the tan beret. Keen shares his wisdom on leadership and the importance of preserving military history and culture, both in service and beyond. 


    Key Takeaways: 

    Leadership Evolution: Keen’s insight into transitioning from initial military roles to high command positions offers valuable lessons on adaptability and strategic leadership. 

    Significant Operations: Stories from Operation Just Cause and Desert Storm reveal on-the-ground realities and high-level decision-making processes in critical military operations. 

    Ranger Regiment Reforms: Keen discusses the important cultural shifts and reforms within the 75th Ranger Regiment, including the change to the tan beret, reflecting on their long-term implications. 

    Legacy and Mentorship: The importance of thinking about one's legacy early in their career and the influence of strong mentorship as experienced by Keen during his service. 

    Current Endeavors: Keen’s work at Emory University, focusing on leadership and veteran support, underscores his ongoing commitment to fostering growth and development in others.

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    S2E12 - 1h 48m - Jun 15, 2024
  • EXCLUSIVEJoe "Little Joe" Alexander

    About the Guest:

    Joe “Little Joe” Alexander is a highly respected figure within the military community, specifically among the ranks of the United States Army Rangers. Known for his remarkable career in various Ranger units, including ACO, BCO, CCO and HHC 2/75, CCO 3/75, and BCO 3/21 Strykers, Joe exemplifies dedication and expertise in advanced marksmanship and leadership. His distinguished service, which totals 85 months of deployments as both a green suiter and a contractor, speaks to his unwavering commitment to his brothers-in-arms and his country. Even after retiring in 2012, his bond with the Ranger community remains strong, as he continues to support through numerous DOD contracting organizations to include: ground Advisor (JET) program.

    Episode Summary:

    In this episode, we dive deep into the world of the U.S. Army Rangers through the lens of veteran Joe Alexander's illustrious military career. From the formative moments that led him to join the Rangers to the intense experiences in Panama and beyond, Joe's story captivates and inspires. We gain an up-close look at his time in various battalions, his transformational roles as a leader, and his heartfelt connections with fellow Rangers.

    Listeners will be drawn in by Joe's recounting of pivotal events, such as the 1989 Panama operation and the powerful brotherhood formed within the Rangers. His description of both the exhilaration and the challenges of military service create a compelling narrative that highlights the relentless spirit and unwavering courage of these elite soldiers. Joe's reflections on leadership, the growth of the Ranger community, and his life post-retirement offer invaluable insights for both veterans and civilians alike.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Joe Alexander's journey with the Rangers began with a sense of admiration for their valor and legacy, and he carried this reverence throughout his service.
    • He emphasizes the unique and powerful bond formed among Rangers, which transcends time and remains a defining element of their brotherhood.
    • Joe shares candid moments of adjusting to Ranger life, learning invaluable leadership lessons by observing both good and negative examples from superiors.
    • His experiences in deployments illustrate the courage and adaptation necessary to overcome the unpredictability of combat situations.
    • Joe's post-military career continues to reflect his commitment to the Ranger community, fostering growth and harnessing the power of shared experiences.

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    S11E1 - 2h 2m - Jun 1, 2024
  • EXCLUSIVESeason 2 Episode 10 Ted Kennedy

    About the Guest(s):

    The guest of this episode is Command Sergeant Major (Retired) Ted Kennedy, a distinguished former member of the U.S. Army who joined in 1986. After enlisting, he was assigned to the 2nd Ranger Battalion, serving in the Panama invasion and several other significant operations throughout his career. Kennedy's extensive military background also includes time at the 6th Ranger Training Battalion (RTB), a tenure with the 173rd Airborne Brigade, and involvement with the commandos' training command in the UAE. Post his military career, Kennedy has continued to connect with his Ranger roots and share his experiences and lessons from his service.

    Episode Summary:

    In this riveting episode, audience members are given the unique opportunity to delve into the journey of Command Sergeant Major (Retired) Ted Kennedy. His experiences, ranging from the formative days in JROTC to high-stakes operations with the 75th Ranger Regiment, are unpacked in a narrative that captures the gravity of military service. The conversation begins with Kennedy's early influences and the strenuous entry into the Rangers, setting the stage for an intimate look at his dedication and drive.

    As the episode unravels, the narrative delves deeper into pivotal moments such as the Panama invasion and transitions in combat training within the regiment, offering listeners a glimpse into the evolution of military tactics. Kennedy's reflections on leading a company during the invasion of Iraq further embody the meaning of responsibility in times of war. Through compelling storytelling, this episode provides an insightful outlook on the integration of past military operations into contemporary strategic objectives.

    Key Takeaways:

    Command Sergeant Major (Retired) Ted Kennedy shares his transformation from a young Ranger to a seasoned military leader.

    Discussing the Panama invasion, Kennedy sheds light on the importance of adaptability and NCO leadership in combat.

    The episode reveals the shift in combat readiness and training post-Panama, emphasizing urban warfare training and medical readiness.

    Kennedy's perspective on leaving the regiment highlights the broader impact of Rangers across global military and strategic operations.

    The heartfelt discussion on retirement emphasizes focusing on family and recognizing the realities of service-related health issues.

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    S2E10 - 2h 13m - May 18, 2024
  • Special Episode on Military Transition with Craig Bishop

    About the Guest(s):

    Craig Bishop is a retired CSM and a highly respected veteran with over 30 years of extensive military experience in the 75th Ranger Regiment and the wider U.S. Army special operations community. In his stellar career, Bishop has earned a reputation for leadership, operational excellence, and a deep understanding of military transition challenges. Since retiring, Bishop has continued to influence his peers and subordinates through mentorship and has explored opportunities in innovation companies, adding consultation in AI, ML, and cyberspace to his portfolio.

    Episode Summary:

    In an episode deeply rooted in the challenges and opportunities of military retirement, our guest, retired Sar Major Craig Bishop, shares valuable insights into the process. From transitioning out of uniform to navigating the dynamic landscape of civilian employment, Bishop's conversation is rich with wisdom and practical advice. The episode delves into the preparation, essentials of maintaining records, financial considerations post-retirement, and navigating the scope of establishing a new identity and purpose.

    Bishop emphasizes the significance of starting early with transition plans, whether aiming for retirement or discharge (ETS). Recognizing the importance of a well-maintained service record and a substantial VA claim, Bishop candidly discusses the fear and uncertainty that often accompany a military-to-civilian transition. With a strategic mindset, listeners can learn how to pivot their careers, network effectively, and optimize skills for the private sector.

    Key themes emerge as Bishop candidly shares his personal journey, discussing financial adjustments, tax implications, and the mental shift required when diversifying into consultancy and private sector job searches. His stories and strategies offer a compass for navigating post-service life, ensuring this episode is an indispensable resource for soldiers at the cusp of civilian transition.

    Key Takeaways:

    Begin transition planning at least a year out from retirement or ETS, and actively manage personal records to ensure accurate service documentation.

    Engage fully with transition programs like SFL-TAP to maximize their benefits, and draft a strategic resume tailored to the civilian job market.

    Consider financial shifts post-retirement, especially concerning taxes and health insurance, and explore starting an LLC for potential tax benefits.

    Utilize tools like LinkedIn for networking and job opportunities and be prepared to adapt your professional trajectory in the civilian sector.

    Find personal and professional purpose post-retirement to occupy your mental and physical energy constructively and maintain fulfillment.

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    S1E9 - 45m - May 8, 2024
  • EXCLUSIVECraig Bishop

    About the Guest(s):

    Craig Bishop is a retired Command Sergeant Major with a commendable career spanning over three decades in the U.S. Army. Enlisting in 1992, CSM Bishop's journey began with the 3rd Battalion, 327th Infantry at Fort Campbell before transitioning to the esteemed 75th Ranger Regiment. His tenure at the regiment includes roles with the 175th, 5th Ranger Training Battalion, 375th, and the 75th Ranger Special Troops Battalion, ultimately culminating as the 17th Regimental Command Sergeant Major. Post-regiment, Bishop continued his service with significant positions such as the 1st Infantry Division CSM and senior advisor at the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). His commendations include the Bronze Star with Valor, the Legion of Merit, and the Purple Heart among several other accolades.

    Episode Summary:

    In this episode of the Legend of the 75th podcast, listeners are invited to delve into the life and experiences of CSM Craig Bishop, a figure synonymous with resolve and leadership. His narrative takes us from the somber decision to forgo a West Point nomination to the rigors and fulfillment found in the ranks of Army Rangers. Amidst a backdrop of global operations and shifting military paradigms, Bishop's story is one of dedication and transformation.

    Bishop openly reflects on his initial enlistment choices, his motivation to join the Rangers, and recounts a powerful, emotional impetus behind his career path. There’s resonance in his account of becoming an 'import' to the 75th Ranger Regiment and the trials and achievements therein. Subsequent paragraphs dive into his career progression, his influential time in 175th, and pioneering leadership amidst the post-9/11 operational landscape. The retired CSM also provides candid insights into the adjustments post-military life, emphasizing continued growth, the importance of a support network, and finding purpose beyond the uniform.

    Key Takeaways:

    • CSM Craig Bishop's military career was propelled by a personal narrative of loss, choice, and the pursuit of a higher calling within the Army Rangers.
    • His journey to the 75th Ranger Regiment faced initial resistance, yet his performance transcended the 'import' status, highlighting the importance of personal excellence.
    • Leadership roles throughout his service, including that of the regimental command sergeant major, were shaped by Ranger exemplars and operational exigencies.
    • The conversation casts a light on the evolving nature of Ranger missions and the value of leading by personal example without expectation.
    • Bishop shares post-retirement wisdom around managing transitions, redefining purpose, and the value of Ranger brotherhood in civilian life.

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    S2E9 - 1h 40m - May 4, 2024
  • EXCLUSIVEGary E. Dolan

    About the Guest(s):

    Gary E. Dolan is an esteemed Vietnam War veteran who has deeply impacted the Ranger community with his contributions. After graduating from West Point in 1969, he served as part of Company C Rangers within the 75th Infantry Airborne organization, earning commendations such as the Combat Infantryman Badge and ten combat air medals. Post active-duty, he retired as a lieutenant colonel from the army reserves. A noted author, Dolan penned "Of Their Own Accord," a book that captures the spirit and sacrifices of Rangers. His innovative streak led him to tech entrepreneurship, founding the pioneering eBarter, the world's first online interactive barter exchange. With his expertise in leadership and innovation, Dolan continues to be an influential figure, both for veterans and in business circles.

    Episode Summary:

    In this riveting episode of "Legend of the 75th," our host engages in a profound conversation with Gary E. Dolan, a Vietnam War legend whose stories resonate with the brotherhood of Rangers. The transcript opens with a tribute to the immutable Ranger Creed, setting the stage for an exploration into the life of a man whose journey from West Point to the jungles of Vietnam is nothing short of cinematic.

    Gary E. Dolan brings to life the transformative power of the Ranger Creed, sharing how it bridges rangers past and present across generations. He details his ascent from a Second Lieutenant to joining the elite ranks of Rangers in Vietnam, elucidating his experiences with Company C Rangers and shedding light on the gravity of leading six-man ambush teams in hostile environments without immediate support.

    Key Takeaways:

    Rangers, regardless of their generation, share a transcendent bond epitomized by the Ranger Creed, which Gary E. Dolan reveres as core to his identity and experiences.

    Dolan reflects on the significance of leadership and camaraderie learned during his time in Vietnam, crediting the NCOs and team dynamics within the Ranger community.

    Despite the challenging and often draining circumstances in combat, Dolan displays resilience and strategic prowess, managing complex operations with precision and commitment.

    The episode touches upon the dichotomy of military decisions and the repercussions on servicemen, delving into the Vietnam War's political ramifications and its parallels with contemporary conflicts like Afghanistan.

    Dolan's post-military career in innovation, specifically with eBarter, illustrates the adaptability and forward-thinking attitude ingrained in a Ranger, extending the ethos of persistence and excellence beyond the battlefield.

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    S2E8 - 1h 52m - Apr 20, 2024
  • EXCLUSIVEWill Israel

    About the Guest(s):

    Captain William Israel is a veteran with a rich and distinguished history within the 75th Ranger Regiment. Enlisting in the Army in January 2001, he embarked on a military journey that included several deployments and various operational roles. As a member of the 2nd Ranger Battalion, he participated in seven deployments before transitioning to the Ranger Special Troops Battalion (RSTB) as a Sergeant First Class. He later made the pivotal decision to attend Officer Candidate School (OCS), leading to further deployments as an officer with the 3rd Ranger Battalion. Captain Israel retired from military service in 2021 after committing two decades to the armed forces. Post-retirement, he served as a Chief Strategy Officer and consultant for Sable Outdoors in Montana. Currently, he holds the position of Executive Director for the Montana Outfitters and Guides Association (MOGA), advocating and representing an industry integral to Montana's tourism and conservation efforts.

    Episode Summary:

    In this deeply personal and enlightening episode, Captain William Israel opens up about his life, career, and the profound experiences that shaped him as a Ranger and a leader. The conversation transcends the typical military narrative, delving into his post-service contributions to the community and his take on various national and military issues.

    The transcript captures a detailed account of Captain Israel's transformation from an enlisted Ranger to a commissioned officer, the struggles he encountered along the way, and the impact of traumatic events both on and off the battlefield. By sharing heartfelt memories and challenging times, he offers insight into the resilience required to navigate the complexities of military life and transition back into civilian roles.

    Montana Outfitters and Guides Association (MOGA):


    Big Hearts Under the Big Sky:


    Mighty Oaks Foundation:


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    S2E7 - 2h 21m - Apr 6, 2024
  • EXCLUSIVEMatt Watters

    About the Guest(s):

    Matt Watters is an esteemed alumnus of 2/75 Ranger Battalion. His seven-year tenure in the organization was marked by deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq, earning him awards like the Purple Heart and a Bronze Star with V for his valorous actions on objective reindeer. After his military career was cut short due to injuries sustained in combat, Matt transitioned to law enforcement, serving 17 years with the Tacoma Police Department. He continued to support the Ranger community before moving to Georgia to work for Daniel Defense, away from the front lines but still connected to the military world through the firearms industry.

    Episode Summary:

    In this captivating episode, we welcome Matt Watters, who shares his riveting stories from his time in the 75th Ranger Regiment and beyond. Starting the conversation with Matt's origins and the moments that transformed him into a Ranger, the show navigates through an outstanding military career marked by sacrifice, courage, and brotherhood. The summary unfolds as Matt recounts his experiences, offering listeners a genuine look into the realities of combat and the unbreakable bonds formed therein.

    Matt Watters' narrative is a profound testament to the enduring spirit of the Ranger community. From the camaraderie and antics of day-to-day life in the Regiment to the pivotal operations that tested their mettle, Matt provides insight into the making of a Ranger legend. His story does not end with service, as he transitions to a distinguished career in law enforcement, demonstrating resilience and adaptability. The conversations reveal the core of a warrior who continues to serve and protect, highlighting the essential support systems and making a meaningful life after hanging up the uniform.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Matt Watters describes the transformative power and deep connection of reciting the Ranger Creed, regardless of time and place.
    • His journey from a motivated high schooler to a decorated Ranger showcases the drive and tenacity inherent in those who choose this path.
    • The engaging tales from his time in 2/75 elicit both nostalgia and respect for the challenges and achievements shared by Rangers.
    • Matt's experience with injury, recovery, and his continued contribution to the community post-service exemplifies the adaptability and enduring commitment of veterans.
    • His current role at Daniel Defense illustrates a successful transition from military to civilian life while maintaining a connection to his roots.

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    S2E6 - 2h 11m - Mar 16, 2024
  • EXCLUSIVESGM (R) Brendan "Duke" Durkan

    Sergeant Major retired Brendan "Duke" Durkan is a respected figure with an extensive military career beginning in 1983. With over 20 years dedicated to the 75th Ranger Regiment, Durkin served in various capacities, including 1/75, 2/75, and other roles within the Ranger community. He is noted for his leadership during deployments across the globe, contributing to the nation's security with his combat experience.

    Post-retirement, Durkan continues to influence the Ranger community through the Charlie Rock Foundation, an organization he founded to connect rangers past and present. ​ In this enlightening episode of Legends of the 75th podcast, Mike sits down with Sergeant Major retired Brendan Duke Durkan to delve into the narratives that have shaped the legacy of the 75th Ranger Regiment. Durkin's vivid recounting of his over 32 years of service provides listeners with an intimate look into the life and ethos of a Ranger. ​

    Durkan opens up about the transformative experiences that defined his career, from his early days in the regiment to his involvement in key operations such as Grenada and Panama. He reflects on the evolution of Ranger standards and discipline, the birth of RD (Ranger Department, now known as RRC), and his time with the Asymmetrical Warfare Group (AWG), highlighting the Regiment's continual adaptation to emerging challenges. The conversation also takes a heartfelt turn towards veteran support, where Durkin passionately talks about the Charlie Rock Foundation's mission and its significance in the lives of Rangers and their families.

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    S2E5 - 2h 19m - Mar 2, 2024
  • EXCLUSIVECOL (R) Mark Lisi

    About the Guest:

    Colonel Mark Lisi, a seasoned military veteran, joined the military in 1974 and served as a plank holder in the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment until 1977. Upon transitioning to the "dark side," he commissioned as an infantry officer in 1980, carving out a distinguished career in various leadership roles, primarily stationed at JBLM, formerly known as Fort Lewis. His illustrious 24 years of federal service culminated in his retirement as a colonel. Leasey's experiences extend to global deployments in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. He has also served notably as the mobilization plans officer and installation mobilization officer at Fort Lewis, Washington. Born in Austria in 1954, Leasey's life encompasses an eclectic range of roles and responsibilities that stand out in military history.

    ​ Episode Summary:

    The latest episode of the Legend of the 75th podcast peels back the layers of mystique surrounding the Ranger community, as host Mike sits down with Colonel Mark Lisi to traverse the hallowed memories of the 75th Ranger Regiment. The first episode recorded in 2024, but not the first released, sets a nostalgic tone as it journeys back to the very foundations of the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, with riveting tales from the past.

    ​Key Takeaways:

    - Colonel Mark Lisi's unique journey from a Ranger in 2/75 to a respected Colonel.

    - The enduring impact of the Ranger Creed and its role in defining the brotherhood of Rangers.

    - Personal anecdotes that reflect the camaraderie and the legendary resilience of Rangers.

    - The transition from enlisted service member to a commissioned officer in the US Army.

    - Reflections on the legacy and the foundation of the 75th Ranger Regiment.

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    S2E4 - 1h 40m - Feb 17, 2024
  • EXCLUSIVECSM (R) James Pippin

    About the Guest(s):

    Command Sergeant Major retired James Pippin is a distinguished military veteran with 25 years of exemplary service in the United States Army, including 18 collective years with the 75th Ranger Regiment. A decorated figure, Pippen is known for his leadership roles in several Ranger battalions including 3/75, 2/75, and Regimental Headquarters (RHQ). His significant contributions extend to his time with the 1st Cavalry Regiment post-USASMA, notable for a highly-discussed deployment in Mosul. Command Sergeant Major Pippin's impactful career showcases his commitment to leading from the front and exemplifying the values of the Ranger Brotherhood.

    Episode Summary:

    In this captivating episode of Legends of the 75th podcast, host Mike dives deep into a conversation with Command Sergeant Major retired James Pippin, unraveling the compelling narratives of a legendary Ranger. Pippin's evocative stories transport listeners through the trenches of Ranger history, from the rigorous standards set in the 1980s to the global advancement of the Ranger Regiment today.

    Pippen begins by recounting his formative experiences and iconic operations throughout his illustrious career, including the combat jumps in Panama, Afghanistan, and Iraq. The discussion then transitions into Pippin's seamless ability to translate the ethos of the Ranger Regiment into his subsequent roles in the broader Army. Throughout the episode, Pippin emphasizes the undying spirit of brotherhood amongst Rangers and the timeless traditions that bind generations of these elite soldiers together. His insights offer a profound glimpse into the dedication and transformational leadership that define the Ranger creed.

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    S2E3 - 1h 38m - Feb 3, 2024
  • EXCLUSIVEMG (R) Thomas "Chaplain" Solhjem

    About the Guest(s):

    Major General (Ret.) Thomas Solhjem joined the US Army in 1974 and served a distinguished career that spanned nearly five decades. He began as a combat engineer and transitioned into the reserves, where he simultaneously served as a pastor. Major General Solhjem's dedicated service continued as he returned to active duty, fulfilling roles in the 75th Ranger Regiment, Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), Special Operations Command (SOCOM), Forces Command (FORSCOM), and eventually as the Deputy Chief of Chaplains. His commendable tenure concluded in the esteemed position of the 25th Chief of Chaplains for the United States Army, culminating in a remarkable 49 years of service and a total of 68 months deployed to combat zones.

    Episode Summary:

    In an episode infused with heartfelt recollections and the wisdom of a storied military career, Major General (Ret.) Thomas Solhjem shares his transformative journey from a troubled youth to a respected chaplain within the US Army. The narrative unfolds with candid anecdotes that provide a rare and intimate glimpse into the life of a man whose dedication and service to his country are matched only by his commitment to faith and the welfare of his fellow soldiers.

    Central to the episode is Major General Solhjem's evolution within the Army, influenced by key individuals who saw potential in him and granted opportunities that shaped not only his career but also his character. The episode delves into the creation of the "Preservation of the Force and Families" initiative, a testament to his ability to recognize needs within the military and act decisively to address them. This narrative thread is woven with personal challenges, reflections on leadership, and the responsibility that comes with being a part of the elite Ranger community.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Major General Solhjem's career was profoundly influenced by the leaders and mentors who invested in him, recognizing his potential and steering him towards serving as an Army chaplain.
    • His deep contemplation of personal responsibility and the significance of positive transformation illuminates the Ranger Creed and its enduring impact on those who serve.
    • The episode highlights the inception and development of the Preservation of the Force and Families initiative, showcasing how listening and responding to the concerns of military families can lead to substantial, organization-wide improvements.
    • Through stories from his service, Major General Solhjem provides a compelling argument for the importance of humility, empathy, and continued growth beyond one's military career.
    • Perspectives on life after retirement suggest a steadfast excitement for the future, rooted in past experiences and relationships formed during service.

    Notable Quotes:

    1. "I'm just a beggar who found some food... If there's anything in this, all of this is just recognizing [and seizing] an opportunity to make a difference when it presented itself."
    2. "I received so much from the regiment; now it's my opportunity to really give back."
    3. "You're either a product of your experiences or you take those experiences and produce something... I've been given so much. I have a tremendous opportunity to give back."
    4. "If it doesn't cost you something, it's not worth having."
    5. "Life's got a lot of opportunities out there and you just need to get off your butt and go find them because they're out there."


    • Major General Thomas Solhjem shared insights from his career and particularly highlighted the Ranger Creed and his experiences in shaping the Preservation of the Force and Families initiative. While specific URLs or social media handles were not provided, interested individuals can explore the principles of the Ranger Creed and learn more about the SOCOM's initiatives for military families through their official resources.

    Listen to the full episode to delve deeper into the remarkable accounts and lessons shared by Major General Thomas Solhjem, and stay tuned for upcoming episodes that promise to enrich your understanding of leadership, duty, and the resilience of the human spirit.

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    S2E2 - 2h 11m - Jan 20, 2024
  • EXCLUSIVEAndrew “Doc” Fisher

    About The Guest(s): Major Andrew Fisher is a former Ranger and PA who has served in multiple deployments. He has been recognized for his contributions to military medicine and has extensive experience in trauma care.

    Summary: Major Andrew Fisher discusses his journey from being an infantryman in the Ranger regiment to becoming a PA and his experiences in the medical field. He highlights the importance of medics and the innovations in medicine that have improved the care of wounded soldiers. Major Fisher also talks about the development and implementation of the whole blood transfusion program in the Ranger regiment, which has proven to be effective in managing pain and improving outcomes for wounded soldiers.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Major Fisher's transition from infantry to becoming a PA was driven by his passion for medicine and desire to provide better care to soldiers.
    • The Ranger regiment fosters an environment of trust and innovation, allowing for advancements in medical practices.
    • Major Fisher's use of ketamine and whole blood transfusions have proven to be effective in managing pain and improving outcomes for wounded soldiers.

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    S2E1 - 1h 47m - Jan 6, 2024
  • EXCLUSIVELTC Edward Graham

    In this episode, we sit down with Edward Graham, a remarkable individual hailing from a prominent family with a legacy worth acknowledging. The conversation kicks off by exploring Edward's motivations for joining the Army, a decision rooted in his family's prodigious history and a deep-seated sense of duty.

    As we navigate through the episode, Edward shares poignant moments, including his whereabouts on 9/11, a pivotal event that fueled his determination to serve his country. A particularly intriguing aspect emerges as we delve into Edward's perspective as a Christian entering a profession where taking human lives is an inherent reality—a complex moral and spiritual journey that he openly reflects upon.

    The narrative unfolds to Edward's experience in Ranger Regiment as a young Fire Support Officer (FSO), serving alongside Ranger legends who played a crucial role in shaping his character and leadership style. The discussion sheds light on the dynamics of the regiment, the influence of commanding officers, and the relentless demands imposed by the war.

    An exploration of the Ranger NCOs who significantly impacted Edward's growth as a leader, officer, and individual adds depth to the episode. Their guidance, often delivered with an unwavering commitment, contributed to Edward's development within the Ranger community.

    The storyline takes a turn as Edward recounts the events and decisions leading to his departure from the Army, ultimately assuming the role of Chief Operating Officer at Samaritan's Purse. The complexities of this transition and the insightful reflections shared by Edward offer valuable perspectives for others navigating similar career shifts.

    The episode concludes with a powerful discussion on the importance of pushing oneself out of comfort zones—an ethos that resonates deeply with Edward's journey. His experiences, both in the military and beyond, serve as a source of inspiration and guidance for listeners.

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    S1E46 - 1h 35m - Dec 16, 2023
  • LTC Edward Graham (Trailer)

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    12m - Dec 16, 2023
  • EXCLUSIVESFC (R) Matt Larsen

    In this episode, we have the privilege of exploring the dynamic career of SFC (R ) Matt Larsen, a seasoned warrior who transitioned from the Marine Corps to the prestigious Ranger Regiment.

    We kick off our conversation by delving into the ever-evolving landscape of the world and Matt's early days in the Marine Corps. Join us as we uncover the nuanced differences and surprising similarities between the Marine Corps and the Ranger Regiment.

    Matt shares the pivotal moment that led him to transition from the Marines to the Ranger Regiment and how his journey intertwined with the evolution of martial arts programs within the regiment. Interestingly, our exploration reveals that the roots of this training stretch back to the discipline of ninjitsu.

    The narrative takes a thrilling turn as we recount Matt's experiences during the Panama invasion, offering detailed insights into the challenges and highlights of this intense engagement. Our conversation progresses to the early stages of urban combat training, the development of weapon systems, and the evolving mentality of leaders leading up to the Global War on Terrorism.

    A central theme emerges as Matt emphasizes the dedication required to master a craft, drawing parallels between military training and the commitment needed to excel in martial arts. Jiu Jitsu emerges as the victor in the martial arts arena, influencing the Ranger Regiment when Royce Gracie's triumph in the UFC led to their recruitment as instructors.

    Matt takes the helm in discussing the rise of the combative program across the regiment and the Army, shedding light on both its successes and failures. We navigate through the psychology of being a warrior, with Matt highlighting the role of regular combative training as a crucial element that enhances all facets of a soldier's skills and mentality.

    Join us on this compelling journey as we explore how combatives not only shape warriors but play a vital role in the complex dynamics of combat itself.

    "Combative is the link between what we are and who we say we are." CSM (R) Mike Hall 

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    S1E45 - 2h 29m - Dec 2, 2023
  • SFC (R) Matt Larsen (Trailer)

    This was an excerpt of Legends of the 75th podcast with SFC (R) Matt Larsen. If you want to listen to the entire episode, click on the link below and sign up for exclusive membership. 

    Why are charging for episodes? 

    1. Some of the guest know stories have a level of protection and can share freely their stories without it being available to the public. 

    2.To produce a professional product and that cost money. Your subscription helps us ensure we keep it to the level of what’s expected from this elite organization. 

    3.The podcast is the first phase, we plan to add videos, apparel, ranger history blog and more episodes each month. So as legends grows you will get more bang from your buck! 

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    13m - Dec 2, 2023
  • EXCLUSIVECSM (R) Al Pertuz

    In this episode, we embark on a journey with Al, who begins by sharing the remarkable impact that the Legends podcast has had and the captivating stories it unravels. This sets the stage for a reflective and insightful conversation.

    Al's path to becoming a Ranger was marked by a unique experience – he trained with a platoon comprised entirely of future Rangers. It was during this phase that he was introduced to the high standards and unwavering commitment that would shape his future.

    Upon arriving in the Ranger Regiment, Al carried specific expectations, and these initial experiences left an indelible mark on him. He fondly recalls those moments as being truly once-in-a-lifetime, setting the tone for the rest of his journey.

    The episode delves into the intersection of expectations and accountability within the organizational culture. A consensus emerges about the value of prioritizing quality over quantity, a mindset that can significantly benefit the entire army.

    During our conversation, Al takes a moment to acknowledge early leaders who played a pivotal role in our lives. These mentors not only left a lasting impression but also redefined our understanding of what it meant to uphold the standard.

    Our discussion evolves as we examine our own evolution as leaders. It's clear that the leaders we encountered and the environments we navigated significantly influenced our development.

    Al also shares the challenges he faced during his first deployment, offering insights into his role within a training detachment, which temporarily delayed his overseas mission.

    The episode concludes with a thoughtful exploration of Al's transition out of the Army and the new experiences that have emerged as he embarks on this distinct journey. This poignant conversation with Al sheds light on the rich tapestry of experiences, leadership, and transformation that has marked his life's adventure.

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    S1E44 - 2h 4m - Nov 18, 2023
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