Legen Speaks

Legen Speaks is a podcast about people who...


(part9) HerStory - The thin Line
Show Details11min 31s
(part8) HerStory - I only compete with myself
Show Details3min 12s
(part7) HerStory - Assumptions at Work
Show Details3min 39s
(part6) HerStory - Men of Honor
Show Details1min 19s
(part5) HerStory - The Lift vs Debbie's Lie
Show Details7min 53s
(part4) HerStory - When Saying No hurts his EGO
Show Details4min 48s
(part3) HerStory - Misunderstanding Mr. Will
Show Details7min 11s
(part2) HerStory - Billy & Bubba
Show Details8min 5s
(part1) HerStory - What had happened was
Show Details4min 4s
Intro to Herstory
Show Details31s