Legen Speaks

Legen Speaks is a podcast hosted by Aisha Cipher . You can find PODVIDS for various episodes on Cipher’s YouTube channel or Legen Speaks Podcast Channel


It was decided to expand the show by inviting other people to tell their stories and experiences about personal growth.


Legen(d) Speaks was created at first to tell how things were for Aisha as she became the first of many things while making it in a male dominated field.

The show opens up with her telling a story that was being told for her by others.

She realized that her silence did nothing but make them feel like it was ok to do what they have done to her. She walked away but years later they continued to attack her character.

Aisha Martin was the 1st Black American female to ever operate a Luffer Tower Crane in the United States of America.

” was never about the fall, it was about what you did afterwards.” - Aisha Martin


Miranda Werkheiser - Surrender & Slay
Show Details16min 45s
(part9) HerStory - The thin Line
Show Details11min 31s
(part8) HerStory - I only compete with myself
Show Details3min 12s
(part7) HerStory - Assumptions at Work
Show Details3min 39s
(part6) HerStory - Men of Honor
Show Details1min 19s
(part5) HerStory - The Lift vs Debbie's Lie
Show Details7min 53s
(part4) HerStory - When Saying No hurts his EGO
Show Details4min 48s
(part3) HerStory - Misunderstanding Mr. Will
Show Details7min 11s
(part2) HerStory - Billy & Bubba
Show Details8min 5s
(part1) HerStory - What had happened was
Show Details4min 4s
Intro to Herstory
Show Details31s