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Learn English Vocabulary

Learn English Vocabulary is a short format podcast that teaches English vocabulary! To read the transcript and complete interactive activities, visit www.learnenglishvocabulary.co.uk


B1 - Song Lyrics - White Lion - Cry for freedom
Show Details18min 58s
B2 - Protests and protesters
Show Details16min 55s
C1 - Language, dialects and accents of the UK
Show Details14min 8s
B2 - Inflation
Show Details17min 13s
B1 - Song Lyrics - Guns N' Roses - Appetite for destruction
Show Details16min 9s
B1 - Song Lyrics - Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Show Details22min 19s
B2 - Song Lyrics - Taylor Swift - Cardigan
Show Details23min 10s
C1 - Tesla - Part 2
Show Details11min 20s
C1 - Tesla - Part 1
Show Details13min 12s
B1 - Song Lyrics - Encanto - We don't talk about Bruno
Show Details20min 56s
B2 - Song Lyrics - Adele - Easy on me
Show Details14min 31s
C1 - The Royal Family
Show Details14min 45s
B2 - Rockets and satellites
Show Details15min 7s
B1 - Song Lyrics - One Direction - Long Way Down
Show Details14min 19s
B1 - A scene from a film - Dead Poets Society - Carpe Diem
Show Details27min 10s
C1 - IELTS - Describing people - Openness to experience
Show Details13min 56s
A2 - The Physical World Quiz
Show Details11min 7s
C1 - IELTS - Describing people - Agreeableness
Show Details11min 38s
C1 - IELTS - Describing people - Extraversion
Show Details9min 7s
B2 - Song Lyrics - Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Show Details16min 9s
B1 - Song Lyrics - My Chemical Romance - Cancer
Show Details14min 17s
A2 - Past tense - The pronunciation of -ed endings
Show Details9min 41s
C1 - Art, History and Movements
Show Details20min 6s
B1 - Phrasal Verbs - Meeting up
Show Details14min 21s
B2 - MotoGP and Nick Harris
Show Details13min 35s
B1 - Creative collocations
Show Details12min 3s
B2 - Mars Perseverance Rover
Show Details12min 28s
C1 - Song lyrics - The Rocky Road to Dublin - Part 2
Show Details13min 21s
C1 - The Rocky Road to Dublin - Part 1
Show Details15min 1s
A2 - The hardest journey
Show Details15min 1s
B2 - The Legend of King Arthur
Show Details13min
C1 - Song lyrics - Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
Show Details20min 24s
B1 - Asking questions - Eating out and the cinema
Show Details15min 14s
B2 - Song Lyrics - Ralph McTell - Streets of London
Show Details16min 21s
B1 - The Natural History Museum
Show Details10min 14s
A2 - Song lyrics - 5 seconds of summer - Ghost of you
Show Details12min 31s
C1 - Supernatural
Show Details20min 47s
B2 - A perfect job
Show Details19min 27s
A2 - Phrasal verbs for work
Show Details12min 43s
C1 - A Covid-19 vaccine
Show Details13min 27s
B2 - A person you admire
Show Details12min 35s
C1 - The most popular pets in the UK
Show Details14min 58s
B2 - A joke - The deaf bookkeeper
Show Details8min 45s
Song lyrics - One Direction - History
Show Details14min 18s
B2 - Negative personality traits
Show Details15min 50s
B1 - Song lyrics - Shawn Mendes - Stitches
Show Details15min 46s
A2 - Weather quiz
Show Details6min 53s
C2 - A news story - A Covid vaccine
Show Details14min 8s
C1 - Song lyrics - Ed Sheeran - Castle on the hill
Show Details18min 31s
B1 - US Election vocabulary
Show Details9min 53s
B1 - At the zoo
Show Details11min 49s
A2 - Phrasal verbs - Morning routine
Show Details12min 15s
C1 - Song lyrics - Lee Ann Womack - I hope to dance
Show Details15min 46s
B2 - Phrasal verbs for socialising
Show Details10min 6s
B1 - Talking about money
Show Details9min 47s
A2 - Describing people - height and size
Show Details10min 17s
C1 - A scene from a film - Skyfall - A tale of two rats
Show Details10min 47s
Song lyrics - The Beatles - Let it be
Show Details11min 4s
B1 - The town where I live
Show Details11min 20s
A2 - What do you love?
Show Details11min 12s
B1 - Learn and forget
Show Details10min 20s
A2 - What are you afraid of?
Show Details14min 1s
C1 - A scene from a film - The Godfather - Opening scene
Show Details14min 23s
B2 - Song lyrics - The Beatles - We can work it out
Show Details9min 54s
B1 - Types of films and TV series
Show Details12min 4s
A2 - An unlikely hero
Show Details8min 29s
C1 - Song lyrics - Jimi Hendrix - The Wind Cries Mary
Show Details12min 42s
B2 - On the road
Show Details8min 6s
B1 - My first job
Show Details13min 51s
A2 - How are you feeling?
Show Details7min 33s
C1 - A scene from a film - The Shawshank Redemption - Get busy living or get busy dying
Show Details11min 26s
B2 - Conspiracy theorists
Show Details12min 36s
B1 - Going shopping for clothes
Show Details12min 52s
A2 - Asking for help
Show Details8min 14s
C1 - Song lyrics - The Beatles - Penny Lane
Show Details10min 5s
C1 - Communication skills - making a point
Show Details8min 10s
B2 - Crimes and criminals
Show Details10min 41s
Describing food
Show Details9min 13s
A2 - Oops! I've broken it
Show Details8min 35s
C1 - A scene from a film - Network - I'm not going to take it anymore
Show Details9min 42s
Show Details9min 26s
B1 - What time do you get up?
Show Details11min 3s
A2 - Travel - by train, by plane
Show Details13min 7s
A2 - Travel - on foot, by bus, by car
Show Details9min 58s
C1 - Song lyrics: Ed Sheeran - Perfect
Show Details9min 18s
B2 - Describing people - adjective order
Show Details11min 28s
B1 - Agreeing & disagreeing
Show Details7min
A2 - Saying what you think
Show Details8min 13s
C1 - A scene from a film – The Dark Knight – Joker’s interrogation
Show Details9min 32s
B2 - Performing arts
Show Details8min 35s
B1 - Tricky words: Adjectives
Show Details6min 48s
A2 - Describing people: personality
Show Details7min
C1 - Song lyrics - Queen - Don't stop me now
Show Details8min 35s
B2 - Collective nouns for people
Show Details8min 10s
B1 - Animals and symbols
Show Details7min 42s
A2 - The weather
Show Details7min 20s
C1 - A scene from a film - Pulp Fiction - Big Kahuna Burger
Show Details8min 52s
B2 - Parts of a computer - Part 2
Show Details6min 19s
B1 - Where do you live?
Show Details8min 47s
A2 - Doing the shopping at the supermarket
Show Details8min 23s
C1 - Song lyrics: Adele - Someone Like You
Show Details8min 9s
B2 - Parts of a PC - part 1
Show Details6min 41s
B1 - Being creative
Show Details7min 5s
A2 - 10 Jobs
Show Details7min 36s
C2 - Advanced language from a music review
Show Details7min 40s
C1 - Heatwave in the Arctic Circle
Show Details4min 54s
B2 - Newspaper Vocabulary
Show Details5min 27s
B1 - Five verbs to talk about communication
Show Details7min 33s
A2 - Different types of sport
Show Details5min 48s
Slang - Greetings and saying goodbye
Show Details6min 48s
C2 - Advanced animal vocabulary
Show Details7min 54s
C1 - Phrases with the word cat
Show Details7min 6s
B2 - Six extreme adjectives
Show Details6min 43s
B1 - Describing people
Show Details5min 31s
A2 - Things you can find in the kitchen
Show Details4min 33s