Laurent Collective Podcast

Maya and Patrick come to you weekly on the The Laurent Collective podcast where they go deeper into exploring everything from family, business, creativity, culture and faith. They will take these discussions beyond just the surface talk and into a vulnerable and open look at each topic.


Finding a Way to Make Christmas Less Crazy with Simple Memories
Show Details29min 23s
What You Learn from Failing
Show Details32min 46s
How You Can Prep Your Business for Christmas
Show Details28min 20s
Why It’s So Hard to Ask for Help
Show Details30min
How Do You Know You Want to be Parents?
Show Details37min 32s
How to Foster Reading with Your Kids
Show Details29min 35s
City Life with a Family
Show Details20min 42s
Stepping into a New Business Category
Show Details23min 56s
More Cultural Differences Between the UK & US
Show Details19min 34s
All Questions Allowed with Our Kids, Well Most
Show Details20min 44s
How a Butterfly Taught Us about Trusting the Next Step
Show Details15min 44s
Tools that Actually Help You Grow Your Business
Show Details18min 5s
19 Years Of Marriage Reflections
Show Details22min 22s
What Happens at Our Dinner Table
Show Details25min 3s
Joy in Your Creativity
Show Details33min 41s
Creating Friendships in New Places
Show Details43min 33s
Thinking of quitting your business?
Show Details25min 39s
Introducing Our Kids
Show Details55min 54s
Our Thoughts on Dating in Today’s Connected World
Show Details41min 1s
How to Determine Income Streams in Your Business
Show Details43min 56s
We got out of $60,000 in debt in 6 months
Show Details40min 11s
Fighting Back Against Busy
Show Details42min 3s
Working Together as a Couple
Show Details40min 25s
Jumping into the Next Step Even When it Doesn’t Make Sense
Show Details33min 45s
Your Priorities and Your Time Part 2
Show Details36min 41s
Your Priorities and Your Time Part 1
Show Details30min 48s
Staying On Your Path
Show Details31min 17s
Do We Speak The Same Language in the UK & US?
Show Details40min 38s
Creating Connection Points with Your Kids
Show Details37min 5s
How to Make The Big & Little Decisions in Life
Show Details37min 58s
Hi, We’re The Laurent Collective | Pilot Episode
Show Details29min 2s