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LaToya Justice Shari Heart11 & Nasthekreator's.2.2FM Walls Talking Podcast

Hey, what's up this Latoya Justice Shari and NastheKreator in this podcast we like to Geek out on our favorite music, movies, shows, and culture. We talk about everything we love and things we have learned or would love to learn about. This is a show that talks about things US streamer geeks love. NO need to dress just come as you are because when your here your family LOL. Please don't be afraid to hit us up on it @22Walls_talking_podcast on IG and Twitter you can also email me: Or


194 Running up that hill/Fan Theories for Season 5
Show Details25min 49s
Show Details25min 41s
new year catch up /simpsons/hip-hop and more
Show Details52min 19s
Try? Reaction Nicki Minaj New Album/Tyler the creator
Show Details1hr 17min
Show Details1hr 15min
Not Kevin Samuels again PT. 1
Show Details1hr 8min
Radom chat ? Some how I manage series
Show Details36min 46s
crazy day
Show Details19min 12s
Verses Battle Soulja Boy & Bow Wow/ Mary J. Blige and Tony Braxton/work/Some How I manage Series
Show Details25min 34s
the mind and not the heart/Some how I manage series
Show Details36min 43s
Some How I Manage Series Episode 5?/Growth with Kids
Show Details11min 10s
how to get it together with work and life /Some how I manage Series
Show Details13min 1s
New Series ;Summer 19/Guess Host DJ_BTown and Digital IQ
Show Details17min 43s
Some how I manage series |epidode 3. Work to do
Show Details34min 12s
Some how I manage series/Work part 2
Show Details44min 57s
Should Black women wear Bonnets
Show Details35min 17s
Show Details55min 36s
Summer walker and Baby Backlash/J.Coles New Album/Dem Changes
Show Details45min 50s
Happy Mother’s Day episode/do you boo-boo
Show Details27min 8s
When life gives you lemons 🍋
Show Details22min 21s
Finding Me|official day 1 Ramadan
Show Details38min 35s
Day 1 of Ramadan Things get weird
Show Details52min 41s
Rest In Power DMX
Show Details28min 29s
Why do we let others determine our vlaue
Show Details30min 53s
Is baby moma drama real?
Show Details27min 32s
How to work on you
Show Details33min 49s
B.Simone and manifesting love |Kevin Samuels and women me avoid
Show Details56min 31s
Did Trump sign the Covid-19 Relief Bill
Show Details42min 19s
Kevin Gates weeks REACTION
Show Details20min 59s
Let’s Chat
Show Details21min 35s
Kevin Gates world 🌎 premiere POWER /Reaction
Show Details22min 17s
Lizzo sparks to be about body shaming because of her 10 day juice fast
Show Details47min 2s
Zedd & kehloni Reaction/ Good thing
Show Details1min 27s
Thunder Cat / Dragonball Durag reaction
Show Details24min 47s
J.Cole Sideline Story Reaction/Hidden Meaning
Show Details23min 15s
Lil Baby gets caught cheating on his girl friend Jayda with adult star Mr. London?
Show Details29min 3s
Getting through Mental
Show Details24min 16s
SZA /The Weekend Reaction
Show Details22min 2s
Happy Thanksgiving \EPIC THANKS GIVING FAILS ...Story Time
Show Details29min 34s
Random chat with Son King Nas Part 1
Show Details8min 37s
How to be/Be Us
Show Details22min 6s
Reaction to H.E.R.| Damage
Show Details21min 50s
Show Details23min 57s
George Floyd/H.E.R- I can’t breathe reaction |and the hidden Meaning
Show Details45min 44s
Say More aboutBreonna Taylor
Show Details27min 19s
You deserve the CROWN blaze/I should have never
Show Details33min 16s
Show Details37min 59s
Book club /Like Whoa Sunday
Show Details21min 52s
Reaction to Queen Naija PACK LITE/ ❤️❤️🎶
Show Details26min 32s
Today we Talk depression as a black women
Show Details26min 20s
Was Mel The Problem on “The Game”
Show Details17min 24s
Reaction to Ace Hardy “ Your life Matters”
Show Details18min 6s
The change
Show Details32min 8s
How did the president become immune to COVID-19????? And why aren’t we all
Show Details31min 39s
Show Details23min 41s
Book Club/Continuing Mya Angelou’s won’t take nothing from my Journey Now
Show Details15min 57s
How to use pressure and stress to make a better you
Show Details19min 41s
Why am I podcasting part 2| electric Boogaloo
Show Details15min 59s
Part 1 /Why are you podcasting
Show Details16min 18s
Start building for what you want/Find the tools to build the BEST YOU
Show Details10min 50s
The importance of Posting Often
Show Details24min 52s
The Importance of branding yourself with Google
Show Details9min 16s
Take Time to Make Time for YOU
Show Details31min 10s
Putting YOU first/Knowing yourself and your woth/Network with people who are where you want to be
Show Details29min 35s
I Miss you but / I might have to let you go
Show Details30min 41s
Just Do it
Show Details18min 39s
Why are you so busy???? Really
Show Details24min 15s
What is going on ... vote for who
Show Details15min 37s
Finding yourself
Show Details17min 36s
Reaction to YoungBoy Never Broke Again-Dead Trollz/and Hidden Meaningfulness
Show Details17min 40s
Forgiveness and closure
Show Details26min 19s
We Love Hip Hop Ladies
Show Details35min 14s
Reaction to (Arlissa’s Healing)& (DaniLeigh’s-Easy) Hiddn Meaning
Show Details38min 13s
For yourself/learn to forgive/past relationship issues I had with my ex
Show Details31min 50s
Weight loss journey podcast blog/yay I’m so happy
Show Details7min 37s
Show Details13min 19s
Russ Losin Control reaction and the deeper meaning to me
Show Details13min 31s
Weight loss blog/ranting
Show Details22min 46s
Joyner Lucas feat ASHANTI- Fall Slowly Reaction and the deeper meaning it has to me
Show Details19min 49s
💰 Money Talk: Inspired by OWN ..talking about the mom who shopped her family broke
Show Details19min 38s
Everything is Real
Show Details16min 10s
Cardi B VS. Candace Owens/ Why is this even an issue ...WE NEED TO LOBE MORE
Show Details29min 38s
Marsha P Henson/ LGBTQ Community/Where is the ❤️ Love?
Show Details23min 50s
Having faith in the hereafter
Show Details29min 16s
Hold on podcast log/take a chance even if you’re scared
Show Details24min 20s
Break Through new you
Show Details26min 56s
We talk about the other woman/cheating/and a really sleepy rant
Show Details42min 16s
Are you better off this year than you were last year
Show Details21min 38s
Vlog/venting/Adoption issues/the hope is in the healing
Show Details30min 29s
Our art Projects/reaction to Russ’ new song “WHY” /Family day
Show Details33min 18s
Rest in Power Chadwick Bosemen/Race issues/Cant get mommy time
Show Details17min 30s
Go Vote / Ice Cube Talking about the black Vote/
Show Details30min 11s
The Real gets real about relationships and so do we
Show Details15min 19s
OMB LET UP REACTION/VLOG/Covid-19 /New album coming soon?/king Nas joins/New Projects
Show Details33min 32s
Big Sean Pays tribute to Naya/Jada Pickett and August Love Story /Did Will approve/Learning to Love
Show Details1hr 18min
Will Smith Mad /Father Issues/The Culture/How To Forgive/Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Show Details25min 22s
COVID-19/Heal up Cadi B/House Drama /Thos world is crazy
Show Details30min 33s
Reaction to Alicia keys ft. Jussie Smollett #juneteenth
Show Details31min 13s
112 it’s over Now Reaction/Hidden Meaning
Show Details23min 23s
Still Hold Up\KevinGates\What it means to me:Bonus Episode
Show Details18min 44s
Preview into season 3 #wallstalking
Show Details6min 58s
When you cant lie any More....cuz your busted
Show Details23min 9s
The life 🔥🔥😍
Show Details44min 32s
Book club Maya Angelou
Show Details27min 12s
Coronavirus Money Facts
Show Details22min 39s
Adapt, react
Show Details33min 41s
Conquering my fear
Show Details40min 24s
To Be Honest
Show Details26min 57s
Passport to Understanding ( Book Club) Mya Angelou
Show Details28min 28s
The Women ♡Mya Angelou |Book Club
Show Details27min 25s
March March on with your plans
Show Details30min 50s
To begin again
Show Details37min 13s
Episode 99 season 2 ...Time to fast
Show Details9min 21s
Episode 98 season 2 we miss you Kobe Bryant
Show Details12min 35s
Episode 97 season 2 I'm all tweaked out on V8 Juice 😜😜😱
Show Details21min 4s
Episode 96 Kevin Gates real big speaker and it's true meaning to me
Show Details21min 48s
EPISODE 95 Making your Blueprint 😁😊
Show Details26min 58s
Episode 94 season 2 Hello Nurse
Show Details31min 43s
Episode 93 oh my god I've been water fasting😜😳
Show Details16min 9s
Episode 92 season 2 coping with anxiety and depression
Show Details29min 2s
Episode 91 season 2 premiere real estate Chronicles
Show Details21min 1s
Episode 90 Happy New year 2020 😱❤♤♧
Show Details23min 25s
Episode 89 ,We fall down ,but We get up
Show Details30min
Episode 88● JayZ is my dad ¿♤
Show Details30min 22s
EPISODE Eighty Seven
Show Details18s
Episode 86: happy holidays, building the ark
Show Details27min 49s
Episode 85 ....HOW TO BE A PLAYER ♤Who Are You???
Show Details22min 10s
Episode 84 podcast and chat
Show Details26min 40s
Episode 83: Patience
Show Details20min 24s
Show Details38min 29s
Episode 81 : Kevin Gates song funny how and the deeper meaning it means to all of us
Show Details19min 32s
Episode 80 let's talk about support and why you need the right people in your circle
Show Details32min 12s
Episode 79 Optimism, why your perspective can either make you go or stop
Show Details12min 29s
Eepisode 78 The word that everyone is talking about
Show Details15min
Episode 77 Tia and Tamera Mowry &Sister Sister& carpe diem
Show Details14min 39s
Episode 76 day 30 of my weight-loss Journey things got real
Show Details19min 39s
Episode 75.... hustle and motivate
Show Details20min 2s
Episode 74 the subtle art of not giving a f review
Show Details15min 50s
Episode 73 YouTube Reviews sssniperwolf
Show Details27min 11s
Latoya Justice Shari Penny Ali & Nasthekreator's .2.2FM Walls Talking Podcast (Trailer)
Show Details52s
Day 25 +26 episode 72 weight loss Journey
Show Details10min 51s
Episode 71 Day 24 Weight Watchers/Weight loss Journey
Show Details20min 33s
Episode 70 ,,,The Tea
Show Details15min 33s
Episode 69 day 21 ,22, and 23 of my weight loss Journey
Show Details13min 5s
Episode 68 day 20 in weight loss Journey
Show Details12min 54s
Episode 67 day 19 weight loss Journey
Show Details14min 28s
Episode 66 |Day 18| WW/Weight loss Journey
Show Details19min 22s
Episode 65: Day 17 of weight loss Journey and weight Watchers
Show Details11min 34s
Episode 64: Day 16 in weight loss Journey/WW
Show Details20min 59s
Episode 63 : kevin Gates -Walls talking -and the deep meaning it has to me
Show Details18min 19s
Episode 62 : Kevin Gates - Let her go meaning and how it has effect on my daily life
Show Details13min 25s
Episode 61: Day 15 Weight Loss Journey
Show Details29min 10s
Episode 60/Baby MoMA Drama Epidemic/You need to Hear this
Show Details26min 56s
Episode 59 WW /,weight loss Journey day 14 Weigh in
Show Details17min 23s
Episode 58/ day 13 WW weight JOURNEY
Show Details21min 23s
Episode 57 / You Remind me
Show Details18min 39s
Episode 56 :Day 12 / (WW) Weight loss Journey
Show Details13min 17s
Episode 55/Don't let them bully you out of your successes
Show Details9min 54s
Episode :54/ Day 11 on weight loss Journey (ww) / I learned someday life lessons
Show Details22min 4s
Episode 53 / Day 10 Weignt Watchers/ Tips I learned
Show Details21min 36s
EPISODE 52 : Day 9 Weight Watchers/ TIPED THE SCALES
Show Details15min 36s
Episode 51: Day 8 WW ...Almost Passed out
Show Details18min 33s
Episode 50 : Day 7 Weight Watchers/ You have to lit go to win
Show Details21min 7s
EPISODE 49/Day 6 Weight Watchers/We Got This
Show Details24min 53s
Episode 48 New Us/Get it out the mud /Day 5 of weight watchers
Show Details15min 40s
Ghost👻🎃/Theres a stranger in my house🏘️
Show Details27min 54s
What Are you doing?
Show Details17min 11s
The Oj Movement
Show Details31min 28s
The black Hair Message
Show Details25min 32s
New Girl, Mr .Fancy Man, You may be scared to love again
Show Details23min 18s
How to get and keep your man🤯
Show Details19min 26s
Dos and DONTS for don't s for ladies with online dating 🤷🏾‍♀️
Show Details30min 19s
Cyntoia Brown opens up about case and leads in the discussion about sex trafficking
Show Details32min 39s
Daddy Issues/ How to cope
Show Details23min 31s
Kevin Gates /Get it out the mud/The hidden meaning
Show Details22min 9s
To Be or not To be
Show Details16min 5s
Mental Health week/How to let go/ps your to doing much
Show Details32min 15s
Should I stay or Should I go
Show Details24min 27s
3 Top Tips to for Wholesaling in real estate for free or cheap
Show Details20min 58s
How yo get over it
Show Details12min 16s
10x Rule your life
Show Details16min 23s
Real Estate
Show Details29min 46s
Health & Aids& Charlie Shore
Show Details20min 10s
Show Details15min 17s
HOW TO Get Over an Ex
Show Details13min 30s
Show Details15min 48s
Show Details14min 17s
Show Details21min 12s
Live your dreams
Show Details13min 15s
Thank you
Show Details1min 54s
Miley Cyrus talks about breakup with Kaitlynn Carter
Show Details14min 44s
Johnathan Van Ness Opening up the discussion about HIV/aids and diseases
Show Details30min
Lose really really well
Show Details18min 23s
How yo be the best substitute teacher
Show Details12min 45s
10 Reasons Why New Jersey is the best
Show Details7min 54s
We all love this show
Show Details11min 27s
Best Tv shows
Show Details8min 17s
Dont be afaid to follow your dreams
Show Details14min 1s
Constructive Partenting that leads to effective children leadership
Show Details18min 48s
Everything is figuroutable
Show Details22min 38s
your dreams is figureoutable Gary v podcast my take
Show Details16min 20s
The one where she talks about the last black man in San Francisco
Show Details12min 11s
The One where she talks about Gary vaynerchuk book crushing it
Show Details18min 5s
Hello ,Rise and Grind
Show Details8min 24s
This is My Happy Place
Show Details13min 28s
Happy Place
Show Details25min 44s
Investing in children's future
Show Details15min 36s
Leader In Me
Show Details26min 56s
The Talk
Show Details20min 12s
Working Moms or Stay at Home Be happy
Show Details34min 45s
How tp begin Again
Show Details19min 19s
The Moms talk adoption
Show Details25min 44s
Mom's What is stopping you.... Its time to love your Dream
Show Details13min