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Last Dish

Last Dish helps you discover the hospitality industry by diving into the recipes of industry leaders and the mindsets that got them there. This podcast is for you if you want to learn more about how to build a successful business, be a better asset to your team, and grow your brand above the rest. These casual guys with insane work ethic will take you on a journey with every conversation by dissecting the exact approach each outlier took to bring them the success they have today. You will be inspired, motivated, and might even laugh a bit along the way. Let's get it!


Adam Smith, CEO, Lokel Group

Stephen El-Hassan, Owner & Chef, O'Bagel and Loquito


How to Turn A Blog into a Thriving Media Company
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How to Become a Master of Viral Content
Show Details1hr 18min
How A Celebrity Chef Sees the Future of Food: Chef David Burke
Show Details34min 18s
How to Turn a Hobby into A Multi-Million Dollar Brand: Founder, Baked by Melissa
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