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Anne and Stephanie are friends, former coworkers, theatre artists and educators. They were also both raised Catholic. Join them as they compare notes on their respective Catholic upbringings.


Abortion & The Catholic Church
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Holy Week & Easter
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20th Episode!
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“The Most Catholic Non-Catholic”: An Interview with Racial Justice Writer & Educator ShaRhonda Knott-Dawson
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Confessions of a Former Catholic School Theater Kid: An Interview With Matthew Scott
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Vatican Reject: An Interview with Father Anne
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Lapse Tales: How We Left the Church
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Lapsed to Lapsed: An Interview with author Monica Dux
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In Egg Shells Is Deo: A Very Lapsed Catholic Christmas Episode
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Everyone's Favorite Virgin: There's Something About Mary
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Hello, My (Confirmation) Name is:
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Guardian Angels: Are They Really A Thing?
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Stuffing the Catholic Holes, or That Time Pope Francis Praised Black Lives Matter
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Let's (Not) Talk About Sex: Catholic School and "Sex Ed."
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Listener Questions: Writing Above the Door and Am I a Freaking Protestant Now
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Catholic School vs CCD
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In Hot Holy Water: Feminist and Queer Theology with K Kriesel
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Confession: “What’d you do?”
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And Also With You
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