• #13 - The Coziest Episode Ever (ft.Luis)

    Welcome! We have a very special episode with our beautiful friend Luis <3. He comes on and talks about everything from our workout routine. to real estate. Shoot him a DM on anything so you can have a nice chat with him.


    Insta - @luissosarealtor

    Phone Number - 9083053320

    Email - luiss@familyrealestatenj.com

    1h 1m | Apr 9, 2022
  • #12 - Dark Dungeons & Deep Techno

    Hey guys this Podcast is brought to you by me Mario because I am awesome and yeah. Today we talk about our fun Saturday night and our funner Friday night. On our weekend vibes, you know? Tony is back for some commentary and I can't believe Josh Peck said that about Drake!

    59m | Mar 22, 2022
  • # 11 - The Birthday Episode

    Today's episode is brought to you by Mito who forgot to upload this weeks ago. To be honest I don't even remember what we said in this episode so just listen and enjoy.

    XOXO I love you guys.

    58m | Mar 8, 2022
  • #10 - P.R's and DD's in NYC

    In this episode of the laid-back podcast, we celebrate our 10th episode by reminiscing how stuff has changed when we first started this journey and what he hopes to do in the future.

    Your co-host, Joe talks about his night out in the big apple meeting some interesting characters with his boy Tony, we touch base back with your host Mito as he introduces a new person and his day at the gym find out what happens and more.

    59m | Feb 8, 2022
  • #9 - Welcome to Sex Ed

    In today's episode, Mario and Joe go over Joe's lovely date he had in the city that never sleeps. We go over those pesky "weed" trucks and how mushrooms are the next step for weed? We also talk about how Mario almost died on the floor on Monday!

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    The youtube channel: www.youtube.com/HolidayEclipse

    1h 5m | Feb 2, 2022
  • #8 - Pork Roll or Taylor Ham?

    In tonight's episode, Mito and Joe take a deep dive into what our future holds and how the gym has been progressing for each of us. We go over our new trip to Vegas and also if what's the proper term for Taylor Ham. Lay back and enjoy this week's podcast.

    57m | Jan 25, 2022
  • #7 - Retail Nightmares (ft Ant)

    This week Mario and Joe have another special guest on their podcast. Anthony Comes on and shares his thoughts on working retail, vacationing, and even anti-vaxers. Hear along as we share some memories and go down memory lane with our decade-old friendships.

    Follow Anthony: @anthonytr_

    1h 1m | Jan 18, 2022
  • #6 - Puerto Rican Trouble !

    After much time to think and put together the story of our Puerto Rican trip, we have finally come back to retell the events of our summer 2021. Mario is back with his amazing voice and Joe with his horrible memory. Have a LaidBack day and enjoy the soothing audio.

    1h 5m | Jan 11, 2022
  • #5 - Wedding Vibes

    In this very pleasant audio podcast Mario and Joe take a dive into this weeks topics. They talk about all sorts of things such as when our dear friend Jose was led down the path of pure evil. Also about how Mario is at a crossroads about his weekend. This and much more on the LaidBack podcast!

    Sit back and relax xoxox

    Don't forget to vibe!

    1h 6m | May 13, 2021
  • #4 - New Contender in PR

    This episode has Mario going toe to toe with Jose in a trifling conversation about our vacation in the summer. Jose takes over the first half of the podcast while Joe is tied down to the business world and actually "working". In this episode, we go over how one of our best friends' brother is going to spend time with us overseas.

    Lay back and enjoy xoxox

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    58m | May 2, 2021
  • #3 - Kong Deserved to Win

    Today Mito and Joe have a very serious discussion on their favorite cars, the WWE and who should've really won between Kong and Zilla. They discuss possible sponsors even though it's still the third episode lmao. You really have to understand these 4am episodes are very much 4am thoughts.

    Lay back and enjoy xoxox

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    55m | Apr 7, 2021
  • #2 - The Mysterious Man: Jose

    In today's episode we introduce one of the most rare specimen on this planet. Mito and Joe have the most interesting conversation with the stallion that is Jose. Also, how do you deal with bullying? Listen to this and find out from Joe.

    Lay back and enjoy xoxox

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    59m | Mar 31, 2021
  • #1 - Project: LaidBack

    It is a pleasure to meet you guys as an audience. It is Joseph's first day at work and Mario has to show him the ropes. Introducing both of them as a couple of security guards working the night shift.

    Lay back and enjoy xoxox

    Don't forget to vibe!

    51m | Mar 24, 2021