• All American Sam Hankins Jr Indie Jazz Artist & Music Composer new album ALRIGHT

    Sam Hankins Jr

    A well-known American trumpeter was raised in a musical household in Oklahoma City, OK. 

    It was in middle school that Hankins switched his trademark instrument over to trumpet and eventually began playing in orchestras, churches, and professional bands. 

     Sam Hankins, Jr.. has shared the stage with many renowned performers, such as Aretha Franklin, Al Jarreau, Clark Terry, and The O'Jays. The Temptations. The Dells, and the Glenn Miller Big Band.

     His most notable accomplishment was earning the Golden Apple Award, recognizing commitment to excellence in education, and receiving a letter from the White House honoring the Edison Middle School Band Program

    Sam is a prolific composer who produced a body of work with more than 150 pieces. From 2012 to 2017 Sam released four CDs all radio plays and collectively won 25 independent music awards in 2017, the artist won 9 independent artist awards at the Indie Music Channel Awards (IMC) ceremony in Hollywood amongst musicians that submitted from all over the world.

     Sam Hankins Jr. has achieved a great deal as a musician and is devoted to and enthusiastic about releasing his fifth studio album, titled "Alright," which released in the Summer of 2023. Sam continues to work with amazing musicians and artists in Los Angeles, California while working as a dedicated band director at Bosco Tech High School in Rosemead, California. The Alright album is a testament to where he is at with his sound right now. 

    Sam mentions over the past 15 years, each of his CDs has shown growth in his music composition and there is more depth to his trumpet playing. Sam Hankins's melodies are becoming catchier to the listener's ears and his songs are telling a story with different musical styles on his 5 different CDs

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    S7E519 - 1h 2m - May 12, 2024
  • Richie Love "The Saxiest Man Alive" on music & updates

    Plays All Saxophones, Alto, Tenor, Soprano, Baritone, Flute and Most Instruments. Composer, Arranger, Producer, Vocalist, Teacher and Mentor. CEO of SAXWORLD PRODUCTIONS, since 1985. First Record Release 1987. Love is a gifted saxophonist/vocalist and innovative virtuoso music artist. He was nurtured deep in the genre roots of “Jazz”, “Blues”, “Rhythm and Blues”, and “Funk” The youngest son of world-renowned saxophonist PRESTON LOVE, He began playing Sax at Age 6. His Band The Love Connection has been rocking audiences for over 35 Years From L.A. to the Midwest and now on the East Coast. They’ve been featured in Documentaries and headlined countless Jazz and Blues Festivals. 

    “2019” was the release of Richie Love's New Horizons CD. New Horizons has been the #1 Album on Streaming Platforms.“2021” he has been Inducted into the Nebraska Music Hall Of Fame.  On August 06 2023 Richie Love was signed to the Record Label Major Record Distribution Group with Distribution through Orchard/Sony, “2024” The First Release on the MRDG label is set . The Single was Officially accepted by Sony/Orchard Distribution on January 26, 2024, Love’s Sax Performances are featured on over 20 CD Releases, and his YouTube channels include 30 original music videos produced by R.L. and many Live performances. He’s Spreading Music, Mentoring Young People for over 30 years, and emerging steadily toward making his Music History with his One of Kind Talents.

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    S7E518 - 58m - May 10, 2024
  • A Journey in music with La’Tasha Reaves aka Ladi Jon’Rea on new music single

    La’Tasha Reaves, also known as Ladi Jon’Rea, is a native of Columbia, SC. She is a recent graduate of Southeastern Institute and graduated from Limestone College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration and Management. She has a desire to venture into the business sector and also has a love of performing and the arts. With her newly found career in modeling, She had the opportunity to work with Mr. Charles Curtis in his premiere performance of “Nothing Happened”, performing as the lead, Mrs. Trish Paul. She also was in a web series called Success Lies and Betrayal written by Toya Etheridge, Business and Pleasure written by Derrick Holley of Dusthouse Films and currently working on another movie “Karma #3”. 

    In addition to performing arts, she has traveled to Maryland, DC to be a part of Madame Butterfly Fashion Show, DFE 4th Annual Fashion & Music Affair in North Charleston, S.C. She has debuted in more than 5 magazines, including Hair, Fashion, Lifestyle Magazine, and Crush Photography Magazine All Red Affair Edition.

     She is a brand ambassador for TrulyCharmedLife Fashion and the owner of Uniquely U Jewels Boutique. She is also in a web series entitled Success Lies and Betrayal (S.L.A.B) as the character Robin. She is presently on the radio show “The Breakdown Radio Show” as Ladi J.

    She has also been an author on written two books. The first book was entitled "Empowered Defiance " and then  "Mirror Imperfections "  In this showcase, La’Tasha Reaves recently released a new single "Supawoman" and also collaborated on another single featuring "Bob G the Chef" called "I'll Be There" This year 2024

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    S7E517 - 53m - Apr 20, 2024
  • The Journey and Collaboration with Jesse Thompson ft Judah Sealy on LATE NITE

    Jesse "JTJazz" Thompson, multi-talented composer, pianist, and keyboardist, born in "The Land Of Funk" (Dayton, Ohio) attributes his humble beginnings in music to being captivated by a family of musicians: a father who was a professional drummer, Thompson's mother--a church organist/pianist and his brother Marvyn Wheatley (who recorded and played with Parliament and Slave). Industry influences were soul/funk legends The Ohio Players, Lakeside, and Zapp featuring Roger Troutman. Driven to continue the legacy of great musicianship, Thompson became a member of the popular Columbus-based, R&B/Jazz group NexLevel for several years. The collectives released two albums, a string of singles, and shared stages with countless notable artists.

    In 2021 Thompson wrote and released the uptempo, feel-good melody, "Weekend Groove," ft Althea Rene which catapulted the musician into solo artist, status.

    Thompson would go on to release a 7-song EP, in 2022, intriguingly titled The Inauguration of JTJazz (Jesse Thompson- the man behind the keys) marking the commencement of a new pathway, and birthing several singles from the project. Judah Sealy, a rising creative within the contemporary jazz genre, is known for his unique sound that comes from a blend of R&B, jazz, gospel, neo-soul, and funk...the common thread between himself and Jesse "JTJAZZ" Thompson. With 2024 being a 'leap year which some say is the year of inspiration, Thompson has resolutely followed his passion by keeping his legacy in music alive by teaming with heavyweight Producer/Guitarist Adam Hawley and collaborating with highly sought after Saxophonist Judah Sealy to create an alluring mid- tempo track entitled, "Late Nite," which drops worldwide 4/1/2024.

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    S7E516 - 1h 1m - Apr 19, 2024
  • Music Producer Garry Percell new single going in Circles

    GARRY PERCELL, musician, producer, and project consultant, has garnered over 25 years of extensive knowledge and experience in the performance of electric/acoustic guitar. Fueled and ignited by his roots in R&B, jazz, and blues. Percell's musicianship expanded into multiple genres, placing a demand on his gift which led to national touring opportunities with award-winning luminaries. Inevitably, Percell crossed paths with production- heavyweight, Producer/Guitarist Adam Hawley, whose creative skills would create Billboard charting releases such as "Don't Stop," ft/Marcus Anderson, in 2020; SiriusXM-ready groove, "Reaction" ft/Jason Jackson, released on the Upward Bound Music Group Label, owned by Guitarist Garry Percell; and the highly-anticipated release on March 22, 2024, entitled "Going in Circles" featuring R&B Singer/Songwriter, Tony Terry. 

    "With You," "Everlasting Love," "Lovey Dovey," and "When A Man Cries" evoke nostalgic music memories of love and romance on a level that transcends the norm in relationships from the vocal virtuoso, 2X Soul Train Award Nominated, Tony Terry. The creative's ability to write and sing about shared emotions that we all desire is an extraordinary rarity, never failing to leave listeners with an indelible music experience. International Guitarist Garry Percell & Tony Terry symphonically collaborate on the heart-stirring R&B cover "Going In Circles, " penned by Jerry Peters and Anita Poree, originally performed by The Friends of Distinction in 1969, and has since been covered numerous times by other artists. Enjoy this showcase with guest Garry Percell

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  • Gospel singer songwriter producer Samuel Rosario Jr new single

     Samuel John Rosario Jr. is a US Army Veteran from New Haven Ct., he has been writing music and poems for over 40 years and publishing for the last 20 years. Samuel Is A Very Talented Songwriter, Producer, And Singer. His Brand New Single Is Taking The Gospel Music By Storm. Samuel is a producer of songs with talented musicians and vocalist and works with them according to the melody and lyrics his spirit brings forth. Samuel has crafted a unique path as a creative force, dedicating over four decades to the art of music and poetry. A seasoned writer, he has not only honed his craft but also embraced the joy of publishing, bringing his creations to the world. Beyond his artistic endeavors, Samuel is a devout believer in Jesus Christ, attributing the gift of writing songs, lyrics, and poems to the divine inspiration he receives. His faith serves as a guiding light, infusing depth and meaning into his creations that resonate with a spiritual essence. One of Samuel's notable works is the soul-stirring new released song "Will Not Be Completed." Inspired by two scriptures in the Bible, this poignant composition reflects his profound connection to both his faith and the power of music. As the author and producer of the song, Samuel collaborated with a highly talented musician and vocalist, harmonizing their skills to bring his spiritual melodies and lyrical expressions to life. Join us in celebrating the remarkable journey of Samuel J. Rosario Jr., a veteran, artist, and believer, as he continues to weave the threads of experience, faith, and creativity into a tapestry that inspires and resonates with audiences far and wide.

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    S7E512 - 56m - Mar 29, 2024
  • Music Producer Varges Thomas is back with V-Vibe new single

    Varges Thomas is a musician, record producer, arranger, composer, and entertainer from Dayton, Ohio. His passion for music started at the early age of ten. He taught himself to play keyboards, then later joined his brother's band as the keyboard player and background vocalist. His first debut EP project was titled "Destiny" also His latest single "Playlist", a collaboration with PleasureMore. Varges Thomas was on Lets Jazz It Up! BlogTalkRadio back in 2019 and 2020. Now Varges is back with new music to present on the show. The recently released singles are"V-Vibe", "Incredible" and "Imagination" and there will be other singles to spin in this showcase. Varges Thomas will be discussing updates and events and other important information on air, tune in to the remarkably talented musician Varges Thomas.

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    S7E512 - 59m - Mar 27, 2024
  • The Singer songwriter/Artist Aiden Ai'dê on his newly released singles

    ​Darrin Chandler aka Aiden Ai'dê was born and raised in New Orleans Louisiana. He started singing at the very young age of 5 years and at that time he then decided ​that music was going to be his entire life; ​So here he is (aka) Aiden Ai'de! Darrin Chandler has been twice on this show with music he has created, he also does performances in Las Vegas. His recent new singles 'Cut the S&M' (I'm a work of art) also 'Jones Inn Josephine', along with other singles like 'I Don't Want to Be Shy' is a favorite, Darrin Chandler will be talking about his music, performances/events, and other projects to come on this showcase, enjoy listen in

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    S7E508 - 56m - Mar 13, 2024
  • Singer/Songwriter/Producer David P. Stevens

    Singer/Songwriter/Producer, David P Stevens is finally beginning to break through and become recognized for his unique writing and production abilities. Quickly becoming a recognized name in songwriting, production, and performance, is LA-based, multi-talented, guitarist, David P. Stevens. Reminiscent of one of his biggest influences Babyface, David shows us the full range of his musical prowess and passion in more ways than one. Equipped with the precision and the skills needed to stand out from the crowd, Stevens has shared the stage and studio with prominent artists, such as Gerald Albright, Nick Colionne, Najee, Jaguar Wright, Frank McComb, LaToya London, Lisa McClendon, and many more. As a top-notch performer, Stevens has graced the stage during a variety of popular music festivals, such as Berks Jazz Fest, Rehoboth Jazz Fest, Queen City Summer Fest, Capital Jazz Cruise, Lake Arbor Jazz Fest, and more. David is confidently solidifying his place as a funky, dynamic, and exceptionally creative artist with a unique sound of his own. He continues to garner the positive attention of music aficionados from all over the world! He has done songs placed by Anthony Hamilton, LaToya London, Will Downing, Maysa, Jaguar Wright, Lisa McClendon, Yara Shahidi, Adobe, Shawn Rivera from the group As Yet, Mitchell Jones from the group Commissioned, and many more, we find David building a dynamic multi-genre catalog, that is in line with him becoming the next mega-producer to emerge! Known for his electrifying, high-energy performances, we now find David P. Stevens touring the world and captivating crowds, as he showcases original songs from his 8 explosive albums.

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    S7E506 - 59m - Feb 28, 2024
  • Hip-Hop Artist Soldja Lyrico is on a mission with his new music E.P.

     SONGWRITER/HIP-HOP ARTIST~ Zachary Allen Kelley was born Zachary Allen of Evansville, IN. Zachary had battled a specific brain cancer years ago called "Astrocytoma" and It is the most common glioma, accounting for about half of all primary brain & spinal cord tumors. He was admitted to Riley's Children's Hospital for approximately 3 and a half months battling his brain cancer.  Zachary started off listening to cowboy music like songs by Celine Dion, and Cindy Lauper's "Time After Time" and Rap music sparked his interest for more. Zachary started writing lyrics when he was 15 years old. He was inspired by the following artists: Lil' Wayne, Eminem, & Biggie Smalls, and recently Dave East. Zachary developed a thirst and hunger for all good music with authentication behind artists' lyrics. Zachary purchased his own recording label on May 24, 2022, named Soldiers Of The Fields Entertainment (S.O.T.F. E.) Zachary's most recent projects can be found on Soundcloud: Early Bird, Mascot, & Lucid Nightmares have gained some recent rapid attraction. Zachary is on a mission to continue bettering his music but turning music into his career path. Thriving to make music his new job with the help of God and fans, then there's nothing that can stop our prosperity. In this showcase, playing music from Lyrico's new E.P. and mentions updates, events, and other projects coming

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    S7E505 - 57m - Feb 27, 2024
  • Lyrical Maestro Dre Marro is back w/Colossal Mind new album "Food For Thought"


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  • Chanell J. Wilson on new single "Ride It Til"

    Chanell J. Wilson is a recording artist and songwriter from the East Bay Area. She has been writing since she was thirteen and performing since she was three years old. As an artist; she is a trained theatrical actress & voice-over performer, writer, dancer, public speaker, animator, scriptwriter, filmmaker, entrepreneur, songwriter, & vocalist. She studied Theatre Arts at San Francisco State University and Screenwriting and Editing at the Academy of Art University. She also has a Vocational Certificate in Recording Arts at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, CA. specializing in Music Business/Industry Studies and is a member of ASCAP.

    After 15 years of workshopping songs and writing a catalog; Chanell partnered with an indie Record label and released her debut single "Draw Near to Me”. In 2021; she independently released her EP Project “Black Heart on the Table Vol 1: A Warrior’s Lament”- a musical and spoken word project about mental health awareness, conditional love, and how it impacts the human heart. She has curated a visual Theatrical emotion picture for the Black Heart on the Table Short EP project on Social Media.

    Currently, Wilson is releasing her latest single on Valentine’s Day 2024 from her upcoming Album project (to be released later this year) entitled “Ride it ‘til” a song about choosing to love after the honeymoon wears off. Chanell believes that creativity and love can heal this world and she is determined to do just that! For more information, visit www.chanelljwilson.com

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    E504 - 54m - Feb 14, 2024
  • Singer Daneen Wilburn on new single "He Loves You"

    Daneen Wilburn has been taking fans on a musical journey of emotion and passion since she was a child. Her style transitions from soul to gospel, jazz, and ballads. "She is an engaging performer and a true talent. If you ever have a chance to see her perform, do it." Her self-titled album was released in June 2018 to rave reviews. "This album is an arousing debut by one soulful singer" Together with Kamau

    Kenyatta, who also produced the great Gregory Porter, she carefully crafted a blend of soul, jazz, and gospel. But, before any of this, she was just a San Diego girl with a dream. By age seven, she was the lead singer of the family band and by age nineteen, she found herself singing at the legendary Hollywood Bowl, with some of gospel music's greatest artists. This is why her fans have been enjoying her debut album, produced by two-time Grammy Winner, Kamau Kenyatta, and eagerly awaiting the release of her latest single "He Loves You". This song is the sophomore recording you've been waiting for. It has a stellar cast of musicians that includes the great Paul Jackson Jr and exquisitely showcases her silk tone and beautiful phrasing. Daneen's new single “He Loves You” is a reflection of her vocal artistry and deeply held spiritual beliefs.

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    S6E503 - 43m - Dec 22, 2023
  • Award winning Vocal Musician MAVIS SWAN POOLE on new music

    MAVIS SWAN POOLE has generated quite a buzz on the international music scene. She is graced with an unrivaled brilliance of shattering genre barriers with her rich and smoky sound. Poole is known for being one of the first jazz/soul Vocalists to employ her ability to sing two or more notes simultaneously, or "multiphonics". Mavis can croon as sweetly as a bird, or wail and scat out fiery tones and improvised lines with the most confident of instrumentalist.SWAN has performed and shared the stage with the greats in most genres. To name a few, Lauryn Hill, 9th Wonder, PRINCE and NPG, Gladys Knight, Mavis Staples, Sheryl Crow, Shirley Caesar, Dr. Billy Taylor, and The Wailers. While she has performed with other artists, she has mostly performed under her own name, and with her original music, proving a true Artist in her own right. She is a Vocal Coach who boasts teaching experience that spans over 20 years. She is now making her urban adult music with the soulfully crafted EP entitled, ‘Adult Time: Vol 1’ which features the single and sensual masterpiece, “The Assignment” and 2 newly released singles "How Do We Grow" and "Every Man ain't the same" will be played on the show

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    S6E502 - 32m - Dec 7, 2023
  • The soul sensations of Debonnaire Music are back with a new single

    Musical Shape Shifters  ~  While maintaining their R&B roots they have melodically blended a feel of Rock, jazz, and even some soul from yesteryear. PHILL: The musical genius behind the group, this musician hails from Washington, DC. PHILL is a co-founder of the group along with being an accomplished musician who plays multiple instruments. SMOOV: Born and raised in Columbia, Maryland. SMOOV serves as the primary lead voice of the group. With his incredible range, velvet tone, and writing skills, he was a welcome addition to the group after singing with other artists in the DC area. From day one his talents propelled the group into a new atmosphere with his unique soulful style and powerful delivery. WILEY JAY: Born in Cincinnati, Ohio. WILEY JAY joined the group soon after moving to the Washington, DC area. His career began as a backup dancer for multiple nationally known artists. This is where he discovered his love of singing and a one-night audition quickly turned into a rehearsal to solidify DEBONNAIRE MUSIC'S signature sound. His talents as a singer and showman have been the DNA of the group's soul from the beginning. His classic style and falsetto are reminiscent of the great sounds of the past. WILLIE: Born and raised in Washington, DC. WILLIE is a co-founder and a primary songwriter for the group. WILLIE'S career began with a chance meeting with PHILL that turned into a songwriting partnership. He rediscovered his desire to be an artist after working in the industry in management for such internationally known artists

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    S6E501 - 1h 0m - Dec 1, 2023
  • International Jazz Vocalist Maci Miller on her 'Nine" new album

    Originally from Harrisburg, PA, Miller was born into a musical family. Growing up she was drawn to the soulful divas of the day- Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner..

    Her inspiration from the great jazz singers, in particular Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and Dinah Washington. Philadelphia-based vocalist Maci Miller brings together a host of the city's finest musicians for her stunning new album Nine, the number nine is connected to wisdom and experience. Nine is the singer's second release. The stellar ensemble represents a who's who of the thriving Philly jazz scene- the pair are joined by bassist Mike Boone, tenor sax living legend Larry McKenna, Victor North on soprano sax, and drummers Byron Landham, Leon Jordan Sr., and Josh Orlando, The bassist Mike Boone invited her to join him for several of his weekly livestream concerts; it was there that she met pianist Aaron Graves. Playing into the theme of the album, Graves turns out to be the ninth writing partner that Miller has worked with during her career. The number is rounded out by special guest trumpeter Jeremy Pelt. The tracks on the Nine album, "Complicated," featuring a witty call and response with Larry McKenna, the tense "I Can't-Wait," and the sultry "Love Me For Who I Am" "Strange is the Night" sets an ominous noir tone to address the societal issues confronting the world, with modern-day echoes of Billie Holiday's immortal "Strange Fruit." The album ends with the buoyant "Feel the Music," serving as a mission statement for the deeply felt album. In addition to the original songs, the album includes a rendition of Chick Corea's inspirational "High Wire,""The Nearness of You," and Miller's new lyric for Cedar Walton's "Firm Roots," the title song of the pianist's 1976 album.

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    S6E499 - 55m - Nov 13, 2023
  • Georgia Funkadelic band has the funk

     Fall 2017 Roy Micah Carter, Ben Ganster, & Matthew ‘Georgia’ Frankic met while rehearsing for a one-off gig in December 2017. During this time frame, the three felt the wonderful vibe produced while together groovin’ AND hangin’. In December 2019, Roy decided to revamp his old band ‘Honey Roy Band’ with the use of his tight rhythm section of Ben & Georgia.  By late Summer 2020, Georgia set to organize & manage the recording of a 10-song album called ‘Georgia’s Pool Party’. Music videos for “How Much Funk?”, “Cream Feelin’”, “Greens & Beans”, and “She Knocked Me Down” are watchable via the YouTube. The Funkadellas brought a vocal power to the band’s live experience. Lindsey Pickens (Georgia’s lady-friend) and Cher’Rita Horne, Mickey Peaches was brought on board to play electric guitar on a new idea of Georgia’s for the Pool Party follow-up: ‘Georgia’s After Party’. The music would be simple: an instrumental groove album. Lucas Pate was an old friend of Georgia’s from various local bands, including Angle Rhodes. Georgia had been writing songs for years. Some had been adapted with various bands he was in. In 2008 he had home-produced a solo-acoustic self-titled album called ‘Georgia Funkadelic’.    

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    S6E498 - 51m - Nov 12, 2023
  • Barbara Santora Jazz,her new singles and upcoming events

    Barbara’s stage career began at age 15, she ran the gamut from theatre to touring puppeteer in venues ranging from universities to the storied stages of Las Vegas. After studying music, theater, & dance at Indiana University, jazz, and blues fueled her musical passion & became her calling card. Her career has been spent captivating audiences with inspired interpretations of jazz standards, show tunes, & popular songs across genres. Her life on stage includes perfecting her exceptional five-octave range, allowing her to draw audiences into her performances, she traveled the globe with the USO as a featured entertainer, lifting the spirits of service men and women,also Leading successful ensemble and duo groups. She now performs as Barbara Santora Jazz with her combo which is available for private parties & corporate events, nightclubs, including out-of-town bookings!  Her shows bring jazz, originals & timeless classics with a flare for love & laughter to audiences of all ages! 

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    S6E495 - 46m - Nov 11, 2023
  • Artist King Kendrick is spreading Soul music & Good times thru Voice

    Artist King Kendrick is spreading Soul music & Good times thru Voice King Kendrick - aka King Sr. Born in Rock Hill, South Carolina . King Kendrick's role models were singers like James Brown who was also born in South Carolina, Usher, King George, Micheal Jackson, Montel Jordan, Calvin Richardson, and Ann Eebles. Following the lead of such vocal trailblazers, the talented songster is on his way. As a youth kingkendrick grew up singing in the church choir with his other then soon after began performing in talent shows. Shortly after graduating high school, he had an opportunity to audition for LaFace Records in collaboration with the singing group that he was a member of at the time. Years later King Kendrick branched out on his own to become a solo artist. After years of attempting to break into the music industry full-time, he released his first Southern soul music single in July of 2022. During the process of trying to discover his signature style of voice and genre, he released several R&B albums. Now, finding his staple, he will present a catalog of several distinguished R&B soulful melodies. Some of King Kendrick's live on-stage performances include: the Foster Festival in Dothan, AL-Juneteenth celebrations in Troy, AL and York, SC- Troy festival in Troy, AL- Tuskegee Festival in Tuskegee, AL- The Ranch in Wetumpka, AL and more.

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    S6E497 - 25m - Nov 8, 2023
  • Vocalist-Keyboardist-Producer Wade C. Long is back with new release song

    Vocalist-Keyboardist-Producer Wade C. Long has been musically inclined for as long as he can remember. He first began to write and produce music for himself and other artists throughout his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, and later made the big move to Los Angeles, California.

    Wade finally released his first LP in 2020. The very timely Nostalgia gave listeners an upbeat outlet from a year that was left grief-stricken by a worldwide pandemic and social unrest. Wade was rewarded by seeing his music reach several Smooth Jazz and Soul accolades, including being voted a finalist for Soultracks.com’s Reader’s Choice Award for New Artist of the Year.

    A new album was released in January 2023. A Long Story featured collaborations “Trin’s Jam” with Billboard Smooth Jazz chart-topper Christian de Mesones and “Celebrate You,” a duet with the iconic Hil St. Soul, that drew comparisons to Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrelle.

    His latest single, “Have You Ever Been Loved?” is said to have all the elements of a timeless R&B ballad; heart-melting chord progressions, sentimental and thought-provoking lyrics, with jaw-dropping background harmonies, and an outstanding lead vocal. “Have You Ever Been Loved?” Tune in

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    S6E493 - 48m - Nov 5, 2023
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