A discussion with Peter Holran (Enbridge Energy) & Adam Gattuso (Monroe Energy)

52m | Dec 21, 2023

Tune In To This Week's Labor & Energy Show w/JDoc & Krausey Featuring:

- Peter Holran, Director, Government Relations, U.S. at Enbridge Energy |

- Adam Gattuso: Vice President, Public Affairs at Monroe Energy |


Peter Holran - Provides an Insider's discussion about Enbridge Energy and their diverse energy portfolio that ranges from Liquid pipelines to natural gas pipelines to gas utilities, storage, renewable energy and more to their commitment to safety, our communities, the environment and continuing to be a valuable part of transporting and providing energy needs necessary to support our way of life across North America and beyond.

Adam Gattuso - Provides an insider's discussion about Monroe Energy, the fuels they refine that support our every life, the turnaround projects they facilitate that upgrade technology and employ up to 2000 additional Building Trades workers per project as well as their commitment to worker safety, environmental impact and to making a difference throughout the surrounding communities on a year round basis......"We do not want to be that plant behind the barbed wire fence. We want to be a part of our surrounding community".......Adam Gattuso.

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