This Week's Labor & Energy Show Featuring Bill Sproule | Michael Karlovich

52m | Dec 16, 2023

Labor & Energy Leadership:

Tune In To This Week's Labor & Energy Show w/JDoc & Krausey Featuring:

- Bill Sproule, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters |

- Michael Karlovich, Vice President Corporate Communications, PBF Energy 


- One of our region's premier labor leaders, Bill Sproule Offers an absolutely fascinating overview of the Carpenters Union, Their Apprentice Program and the Expansion of the union's scope of work that features opening of the first ever union dive school in the county in order to meet the needs of Heavy Construction, Pile Driving and the Offshore Wind Industry as well as a discussion about another very specialized area that includes Radiation Technologist Specialists.

- A Discussion About Labor Leader Steve Sweeney's Candidacy for Governor of New Jersey and More......

- Mike Karlovich provides an Insiders Look at PBF Energy and products and services they refine that make up many of the products we use everyday in our lives

A Discussion about layoff announcements at the Stellantis Jeep Toledo Manufacturing Center tied directly to Electric Vehicle mandates banning light trucks and cars with internal combustion engines.

What Are Industrial Nodes? Listen To Mike Karlovich on the L&E Show and Find out!

In Solidarity!

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