A Powerful and REAL discussion about the Mining Industry in America

53m | Feb 2, 2024

Tune In To This Week's Labor & Energy Show w/JDoc & Krausey Featuring:

- Rich Nolan, President and CEO, National Mining Association |

- Katie Sweeney, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, National Mining Association |


- A Powerful and REAL discussion about the Mining Industry in America, which plays such an important role in providing the resources we use everyday to help fuel our energy security, our jobs and our way of life including:

- The Mining in America of Both Coal and Minerals

- The Need to Support Made in America and Mined In America 

- The Need to be able to mine the vast critical minerals required to charge, connect and manufacture products we use everyday including computers, cell phones, electric vehicles, solar panels, wind turbines and countless more....WHY WOULDN'T WE MINE THEM HERE!

- The Good Paying Family and Community Sustaining Jobs Supported by our American Mining Industry

- The Need to be NON-reliant on foreign sources of coal, minerals and energy

- The High Labor and Environmental Standards offered by our American Mining in Comparrison to those of Foreign Competitors Many Who Violate Child Labor Laws and Environmental Standards

-The Importance and NEED for Permitting Reform in America

And More....

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