Kwesi Speaks

I started podcasting because I talk a lot and too subconscious to truly express myself to people. Now that I am pass that stage, I see my purpose as a great motivator and promoter. I want to help people win by providing a platform for them to communicate their “why.”


End of the Year
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People To Know
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Hang On
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New Vlog
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The Power of Words
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The Spirit of the Times
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The ReLaunch of Kwesi Speaks
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Don’t Change For the Sake of Changing
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Interview of Life Coach and Author Gentry Simmons
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What Song?
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Interview with William Pinson
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Difficult Times
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Interview with Author/Educator Mrs. Jennifer Phillips
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Interview with Artist Midnite Michael
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Interview with Author and Educator Emeka Barclay
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I Am Not An Anomaly!
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Interview with Thomas C. Jackson
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Interview with Minister Bobby Jones Jr.
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Interview with the Radical Phillip Edge
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Interview with Coach Comedian and Mentor Paul Winfield
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Interview of Author, Entrepreneur, and Evangelist Larry Cothran
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Interview with Educator and Nice Guy Charles Webb
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Interview with Educator and Nice Guy Brett Johnson
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Interview with Coach and Educator Mr. Terrance Young
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Get Up! Get Out, and Get Something!
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What the Governed-meant
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RIP Kobe
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Perfectly Flawed
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John Maxwell Certified Speaker
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Social Media the Soulless Machine
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Finding Kanye 2
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Finding Kanye
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Predispositions Rooted in Distrust
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You will reap!
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Kwesi and Politics
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I am Weird!
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The Zombie Apocalypse is Here!
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Living Your Best Life
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Have Mercy!
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The Meaning of “Blood Thicker Than Water”
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The Idea of BFF is Overrated!
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Life Insurance
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The Power of the Touch
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The Power of an Apology
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Confessions of a Stepchild Ep.2
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Confessions of a Stepchild Episode 1
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Every Good and Perfect Gift
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You are not a mistake!
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What’s new in hip hop?
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What song will it take to get you to the floor?
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Public School will be as good to a child as an informed parent will allow it to be.
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Eeew Religion!
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Feb 24, 2018
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New Age Christianity
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Giving Alms
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Copy Cat
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Pure Motives
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Slow Down
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Family has to be priority!
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Finish the drill!
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The Antagonist
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Alien Invasion
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Apology on short cast
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Series One- Episode One
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Introducing Kwesi Speaks
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