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Welcome to Korean Study Cafe!

한국어 스터디 카페에 오신 것을 환영합니다.

We created the Korean Study Café podcast to help you learn and experience the Korean language and culture.

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S3 EP16 Should you learn Hanja(Chinese character) to learn Korean easily? 한국어를 쉽게 배우기 위해서 한자를 배워야 할까?
Show Details8min 21s
S3 EP15. My Korean teacher got pregnant 우리 한국어 선생님이 임신을 했어요
Show Details22min 31s
S3 EP14. Why do Korean people sometimes call other people a ghost? 왜 한국 사람들은 가끔 다른 사람을 귀신이라고 불러요?
Show Details12min 59s
S3 Ep 13. Story | Collaboration of Psy and Suga of BTS 싸이와 BTS 슈가의 만남
Show Details19min 21s
S3 EP12. How important is having good pronunciations in Korean? 한국어 발음은 얼마나 중요할까?
Show Details10min 52s
S3. EP 11. Story | Are you a morning person? Or a night person? 당신은 아침형 인간이에요? 아니면 저녁형 인간이에요?
Show Details20min 26s
S3 EP10. So many ways to say “No” in Korean 한국어로 “No”를 말하는 너무 많은 방법들
Show Details10min 47s
S3. Ep 9 - Story | Should BTS serve in the military? BTS가 입대를 할까요?
Show Details15min 44s
S3 Ep8. Konglish words that are created by incorrect English words 잘못된 영어 단어로 만든 한국어 단어들
Show Details8min 49s
S3. Ep7 - Story | My mom’s birthday 우리 엄마의 생일
Show Details15min 16s
S3 Ep 6. Three ways to say "That's what I'm saying!" in Korean 한국어로 “That’s what I’m saying”을 말하는 3가지 방법
Show Details9min 23s
S3 Ep 5. Story | My bestie is the best 내 절친이 최고예요.
Show Details15min 13s
S3 EP4. Don't completely trust Koreans 한국인을 완전히 믿지 마세요.
Show Details8min 15s
S3.Ep.3. Story | If you have a Korean lover, you should know “White day.” 한국인 애인이 있으면, 화이트 데이를 알아야 해요.
Show Details21min 6s
S3EP2. Best 5 Netflix dramas to learn Korean 한국어 배우기 좋은 최고의 넷플릭스 드라마 5개
Show Details11min 1s
S3 Ep 1 - Story | Late-night food after working late 야근하고 먹는 야식
Show Details16min 45s
Season 3 Episode 0. Announcement 알림 사항
Show Details3min 32s
S2.Ep.23. Story | Trot(music genre) is being popular again in Korea 한국에서 다시 트로트가 유행하고 있어요
Show Details19min
S2.Ep.22. Dialogue | I got invited to visit my Korean friend's home 한국인 친구 집에 초대 되었어요
Show Details14min 29s
S2. Ep21. Story | There's a sweater that I really want to buy 정말 사고 싶은 스웨터가 있어요
Show Details12min 54s
S2.Ep.20. Dialogue | Do you want to go to the movies with me? 저랑 같이 영화보러 갈래요?
Show Details14min 3s
S2.Ep.19. Story | I am a fan of BTS 저는 BTS 팬이에요
Show Details13min 5s
S2.Ep.18. Dialogue | Unexpected encounter 우연한 만남
Show Details11min 16s
S2.Ep.17. Story | Picnic for viewing autumn leaves 단풍놀이
Show Details16min 34s
S2.Ep.16. Dialogue | Today, I did grocery shopping at a market 오늘 시장에서 장을 봤어요
Show Details12min 4s
S2.Ep.15. Story | I watched Squid game 오징어 게임을 봤어요
Show Details14min 47s
S2.Ep.14. Dialogue | Going shopping 쇼핑하기
Show Details11min 27s
S2.Ep.13. Story | My friend’s wedding 내 친구의 결혼식
Show Details13min
S2.Ep.12. Dialogue | How to ask for directions in Korean 한국어로 길 물어보기
Show Details10min 35s
S2.Ep.11. Story | My hobby is learning the Korean language 제 취미는 한국어 배우기예요
Show Details12min 57s
S2.Ep.10. Dialogue | How to say properly "How are you" in Korean
Show Details10min 53s
S2.Ep.9. Story | My dog’s real story 우리 강아지의 이야기
Show Details12min 57s
S2.Ep.8. Dialogue | How to order food in Korean 사과 주스 한 잔 주세요.
Show Details14min 9s
S2.Ep.7. Short text | Our life that is changed because of COVID19
Show Details11min 13s
S2.Ep.6. Dialogue | 수고하셨습니다 (You did a great job) / Unique Expression only in Korean
Show Details14min 34s
S2.Ep.5. A Short Text | A daily life of a Korean high-schooler
Show Details15min 50s
S2.Ep.4. Dialogue | Where are you going? 어디에 가요?
Show Details14min 12s
S2.Ep.3. A Short Text | I like studying foreign languages
Show Details12min 5s
S2.Ep.2. Dialogue | Introducing the family to others
Show Details12min 1s
S2.Ep.1. A Short Text | The most memorable summer vacation in Korea
Show Details14min 56s
S2.Ep.0 - Epilogue
Show Details2min 1s
S1.Ep.20 -“Excuse me” is NOT always “Excuse me” in Korean
Show Details10min 34s
S1.Ep.19 - Native speakers say “soaking Kimchi” instead of “making Kimchi”
Show Details9min 40s
S1.Ep.18 - There are many words to say “Playing a musical instrument” in Korean
Show Details8min 4s
S1.Ep.17 - Native Korean think the hot broth is cool/refreshing
Show Details9min 35s
S1.Ep.16 - Native Koreans use a metaphoric expression to say "cheating on someone"
Show Details8min 8s
S1.Ep.15 - I wash and cook rice.
Show Details7min 43s
S1.Ep.14 - Did you have breakfast?
Show Details7min 54s
S1.Ep.13 - Dating stages in Korean
Show Details9min 43s
S1.Ep.12 - To say "you're welcome," say 아니예요(It's nothing) instead of saying 천만에요
Show Details6min 8s
S1.Ep.11 - Native speakers say I know how to do Korean, instead of I speak Korean.
Show Details8min 9s
S1.Ep.10 - Can I call you Oppa(오빠)?
Show Details10min 36s
S1.Ep.9 - Korean age vs. Real age
Show Details8min 24s
S1.Ep.8 - Why are there so many ways to say "one's age" in Korean?
Show Details8min 4s
S1.Ep.7 - To say pardon me in Korean, Don't say What? Instead say 네(yes)?
Show Details10min 7s
S1.Ep.6 – 당신(You in honorific form) vs. Person's name + 씨 (Alternative of You)
Show Details8min 42s
S1.Ep.5 – 우리 가족이에요 (Learn and Practice 우리)
Show Details9min 41s
S1.Ep.4 - 밥 먹었어요? (Learn and Practice 밥 먹었어요? 어디 가세요?)
Show Details8min 57s
S1.Ep.3 - 돈 좀 있어요? (Learn and Practice ~있어요/없어요)
Show Details9min 20s
S1.Ep.2 - 정말 감사합니다 (Learn and Practice: Honorific levels & 반갑습니다, 감사합니다/고맙습니다, and 죄송합니다/미안합니다
Show Details9min 21s
S1.Ep.1 - 한국드라마를 좋아해요 (Learn and Practice ~좋아해요)
Show Details10min 9s
S1.Ep0 - Introduction/Welcome to Korean Study Café Podcast
Show Details2min 46s