Drago and Rowdy Part 1

39m | Aug 7, 2023

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On this episode Drago waters, a repeat guest on the KSP, joins us. He is an F-16 Weapons officer who doesn't take no sh#t from anyone and calls it like he sees it. Also joining us is Rowdy Little who used to fly F-16s and now fly's the T-38 in Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals (IFF). Rowdy is a highly decorated instructor with my Instructor Pilot of the Class awards than anyone else I know.

We talk about life at Holloman AFB, the struggles Air National Guard currently faces, and how important fitness is to flying fighters. We also talk about the importance of being an honest broker of your capabilities.

Rowdy breaks down what Fighter Bomber Fundamentals (FBF) is and why it is a huge challenge for the current IPs and probably future students.

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