Knowledge Knights

We have observed that our drive strengthens the more we interact with people who do their jobs with a lot of passion. The energy rubs off. This podcast is to further strengthen our own drive and that of the listeners along the way.

That said, there's an even more important reason to start this podcast. We have talked to over 500 students and professionals about their professional lives and found that a lot of them don't really love what they are doing. Most of them didn't know what their passions are, let alone following them.

There are two major blockers to finding and following passion:

1. The mindset to put name, fame, and money before passion and sometimes ignore it completely

2. Not enough exploration of interests

Through this podcast, we aim to get people to give equal importance, if not more, to finding and following their passions while interviewing passionate people from a broad spectrum of professions.


Duties of an IPS Officer | ft. IPS Officer, Riti Raj | The Knowledge Knights Show
Show Details1hr 5min
Zuni Chopra on Storytelling and Creative Writing | The Knowledge Knights Show
Show Details34min 45s
Aditya Kripalani - On Filmmaking, Inspiration & Creativity
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