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Know With Nicky

Nicky is a Biochemist, an Economist, a HR Executive, a Fashionista, a Philanthropist, and a Twin Mom, who shares key life strategies in her Podcasts. After working with 63 countries for several multinationals where she was re-defining the concept of Leadership, she is now sharing all those executive learnings with YOU.

How can you be confident, self-sufficient, successful, and unbeatable? Nicky will help you learn it, envision it, become it.

Elevate Yourself, and start to Know With Nicky.


How to Earn Respect
Show Details4min 49s
How to Implement Long-Term Thinking to Achieve Meaningful Goals
Show Details5min 3s
The Pareto Law of the 80/20 Principle; How To Turn Your Life and Career Around
Show Details10min 32s
How to be Smarter, Better, and Faster
Show Details11min 55s
Rules of Life, How To Live In The Modern World
Show Details12min 58s
How to be Highly Charismatic | Know with Nicky
Show Details11min 46s
The Power of Self-Discipline
Show Details16min 24s
Introducing Know With Nicky Podcast
Show Details1min 31s