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Shipment 29 foos gone wild and del polvo album review
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Cargamento 28 La Elección
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Shipment 27 let them know
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Shipment 26 Election
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Shipment 25 Love
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Shipment 24 Guest Jeff
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Shipment 23 Chocolate thunder
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Shipment 22 Guest Rugged Knuckles
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Shipment 21 Small Talk
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Cargamento 20 la guerra por Zacatecas
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Shipment 19 Email
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Shipment 18 send back standby
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Shipment 17 Recap UFC 253
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Shipment 16 UFC 253
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E15 Verdict
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E14 UFC Las Vegas 11
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E13 independencia de México En español
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E12 Big Sean Detroit 2
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E11 9/11
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E10 Apple Event
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E9 Sex
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E8 working out
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E7 El Chapo
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E6 Sneakers
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E4 Farts
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E2 stress
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KingMexico the start E1
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