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We are the Know It All, Not At All Korea K-Pop Podcast! This podcast will be all about the journey of three Americans as they continue their K-pop journeys to the next level! We discuss K-pop news, do Deep Dives into Korean Artists as well as K-Pop Groups and on our YouTube Channel we do various segments related to the podcasts! Join Sashel, the oldest and wisest of us, as she continues a 5 year exploration across all of Korean culture and beyond, making her our most experienced member! Then there is Sebastian, the middle child and music enthusiast who discovered K-pop in the midst of his own struggle to make music that embodied hard work and passion, quickly making his way through the K-pop generations immense catalog. Last but not least we have our resident rookie and aegyo expert Dani, joining the K-pop nation through the ranks of ARMY and now seeks to expand her K-pop experience. With three different levels of immersion into the life, music and rich culture that K-pop and Korea have to offer, we hope that you join us in learning, and LOVING, all things K-pop!


We're All Mad Here: Digging Deeper With GOT7
Show Details1hr 4min
Making Cupcakes With BIGBANG
Show Details54min 54s
Down The Rabbit Hole: BigHits With Big Sis, and WHO is BTS?
Show Details57min 34s
안녕 and Welcome!
Show Details1min 46s