Kenneth Williams Playhouse

A series of four shows broadcast in July 1975 with only two things in common--they all starred Kenneth Williams and were produced by Simon Brett.

***Plus Kenneth Williams four Cabaret Shows, But have not been able to find any information***


Kenneth Williams Cabaret Show 1983-01-25_cabaret_episode_1_ep01of04
Show Details27min 11s
Kenneth Williams Cabaret Show 1983-02-15_cabaret_episode_4_ep04of04
Show Details26min 40s
Kenneth Williams Cabaret Show 1983-02-08_cabaret_episode_3_ep03of04
Show Details26min 26s
Kenneth Williams Cabaret Show 1983-02-01_cabaret_episode_2_ep02of04
Show Details26min 13s
Kenneth Williams Playhouse 1975-07-22_get_on_with_it
Show Details27min 44s
Kenneth Williams Playhouse 1975-07-15_the_general
Show Details27min 28s
Kenneth Williams Playhouse 1975-07-08_the_lying_scotsman
Show Details27min 32s
Kenneth Williams Playhouse 1975-07-01_the_analysis
Show Details27min 5s