2022 Cheaters Guide To Valentine’s Day 💞 (w/ Jhoey)

Episode 152
34m | Feb 11, 2022

Valentine’s Day is Next Week, so we Figured Give You Our Annual

Thousandaire Step by Step:

Cheaters Guide To a Successful Valentine’s Day...


  1. Plan Ahead. Preparation is Key.
  2. Be Consistent. The Main gets Gifts. Side pieces get the same thing they get every other day. 
  3. 2 days before or 2 days After. (Feb 15th is off Limits. Blame social Media🤷🏿‍♂️)
  4. Fuck Them Kids! Again, Fuck Them Kids!That ain’t your concern. (This Ain’t For The Faint of Heart.)
  5. If your a side piece, know and stay in your side piece place. (Remember the Job you signed up for)
  6. If your the Side piece, Condom Sex is Optional (Refer back To Rule #4)
  7. Nobody’s Family Should Know. They Need Plausible deniability. (If you ain’t say it, it ain’t happen.)


*DISCLAIMER Neither JuJu Nor Shorts Condones or encourages the act of cheating, entanglements, affairs, or whatever you wanna call them... Be Entertained, Be Offended, Be Whatever You Want To Be....

But Don’t Come Lecturing Us on Morality... Just laugh.

 —— The ThousandAires

Shortso Great & JuJu Tha G

“The Space For Fuckery Filled, Intellectual Conversations.”

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