BirdStans & Litigious MuthaFuckas (w/Dc, Jhoey, & ShowoffDaJeweler)

Episode 148
1h 35m | Jan 12, 2022

JuJu, Jhoey, & Shorts Sit Down In Studio with DC, of Just a Dope Ass Podcast, for a conversation on The Hood Classic That Is “Baller Blockin”, Prioritizing Responsibility, and JuJu learned a New Word🤦🏿‍♂️:



  1. unreasonably prone to go to law to settle disputes."our increasingly litigious society”
  • concerned with lawsuits or litigation.
  • suitable to become the subject of a lawsuit.

 Intro Song: 

Big Tymers - Still Fly

Random Thoughts & After Thoughts : 


“For Everything From Criminal Conversation, to The Slightest Bit of Slander, I’m Finna Start Practicing a “Karen” Level of Litigiousness.


“How to Be a Letigious Muthafucka: 101”

Rule #1. Sue Everybody

Rule #2. Refer To Rule #1


What kinda movie would your life be? 

Umbrella Topic:

Prioritizing Responsibilities 

Gems on Gems: A New Weekly Segment, Sponsored by “Thousand Pieces Jewelry Co.”, on Diamonds, Gems, & Jewelry 

For our first Segment, JuJu & ShowOffDaJeweler breakdown The difference between natural and Lab diamonds? Is one better than the other? Are Lab Diamonds Real?

Young People Advice/ Final Thoughts:

“We all have no choice but to grow more responsible over time. Eventually some of our friends start to become more responsible, and those same people that we once shared our wildest nights with, may be working and supporting a family. We get degrees and careers, or take on Jobs that we atleast plan on keeping for a while. We get car notes, start paying rent, and Some of us buy homes, or start businesses.... All of this adds up to one thing. RESPONSIBILITY. It’s the things we have to take care of, rather we want to or not. The things that would make our lives would fall apart if we don’t manage them properly. “

Outro/End Song

500rax: S.T.F.


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