Episode Six: OH MY GOD, WE FINALLY DID IT! A youth pastor and an atheist walk into a podcast, and it was boring as shit

Season 1 | Episode 6
2h 20m | Aug 19, 2021

I want you to listen to these two hunks talk in this, outstanding, episode of KeAndy Corner. As you do, you should be thinking to yourself, "If it's possible for these two to sit down and talk about one topic for over an hour, anything is possible."

Before the show, Andy and Ken were talking about WWI and they decided to talk about that for this episode. Staying true to form, they immediately abandoned that and went on a 2-hour long theological tangent. If you've never questioned the validity of a claim by pharmaceutical company, remember, the prescribed uppers were supposed to prevent this type of spasticity. Granted, the uppers weren't supposed to be cut into rails and taken after a paint-huffing bender. But that was the 90s, I'm sure those companies don't make foolish claims like that anymore.

The bois also give a USDA prime-cut update on their COVID research. They spent, literally, minutes compiling these documents for you. Seeing as they have the collective attention-span of a cashew, COVID is, officially, the most boring topic to talk about at the moment, and they still managed to do something productive (in light of all that), you should look at the documents they talked about in the MEGA folder below:

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