Episode Three: Andy Becomes The Edge

Season 1 | Episode 3
1h 2m | Jul 3, 2021

In last week's episode, Vegeta got summoned to pay child support; Master Roshi got let out of a Pennsylvania state penitentiary; and Goku discovered that Mr. Popo wasn't actually black. Now, the exciting conclusion of Two Boys in an Tepee.

Andy finally puts down his sparkling water to grace the audience with his intellect, but fails to make consistent eye contact. Ken takes a breath and dips furiously. Andy attempts to break down the microbiology and immunology behind everyone's favorite reason to be stuck in a perpetual family reunion.

Turns out, when you have two medical professionals that worked in their, respective, fields for 10+ years, they're going to have some authority to argue with some of the talking-heads in the moving picture box. Who would have thought? Unlike those talking-heads, they don't have million-dollar mansions on a beach, and actually have the ability to have original thoughts.

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