Episode Eight: View Stealin, Wheelin Dealin, Coat-tail ridin, coach flyin son-of-a-gunz

Season 1 | Episode 8
1h 40m | Sep 21, 2021

The guis didn't have any semblance of a plan for this episode, so they decided to do what all small-time internet creators do, watch other people's content and "react." Remember, it's not stealing if you make a funny face and put that face in the video thumbnail.

After the boys were taking a stab at being Chinese Amazon vendors, they, actually, had a pretty decent conversation in the middle-end bit of the show. You never know what white-knuckle thrill ride the bois are fixin to take you on.

The boys also want to say farewell to a dear friend they lost, Benny Harvey. Miss ya big man. GBNF.

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