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KC Kingdom Podcast on Kansas City Sports

FanSided's KC Kingdom Podcast discusses the latest news from all of Kansas City sports. It's analysis and more from the staff at KCKingdom.com.


Season 2 - Episode One: Football is Back (Almost)
Show Details50min 32s
Episode Twenty Two: Mount Rushmore and Kirk Cousins
Show Details35min
Episode Twenty One: New Day in Chiefs Kingdom
Show Details44min 4s
Episode Twenty: No More Football
Show Details30min 20s
Episode Nineteen: Pod to Immortality
Show Details1hr 6min
Episode Eighteen: Miami Vice
Show Details56min 22s
Episode Seventeen: Look at us, who would've thought?
Show Details50min 16s
Episode Sixteen: Animals of the Kingdom
Show Details50min 3s
Episode Fifteen: The Quarterback Who Lived
Show Details51min 39s
Episode Fourteen: Chargers and Sandler
Show Details56min 56s
Episode Thirteen: Deal or No Deal
Show Details46min
Episode Twelve: Cheaper By the Dozen
Show Details58min 26s
Episode Eleven: The Mahomalorian
Show Details58min 20s
Episode Ten: Raiders of the Lost Season
Show Details40min 5s
Episode Nine: Bye Week Blues
Show Details49min 38s
Episode Eight: South of the Border
Show Details58min 40s
Episode Seven: Near, Far, Wherever They Are
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode Six: Nightmare on Arrowhead Drive
Show Details57min 34s
Episode Five: A True Underdog Story
Show Details57min 36s
Episode Four: The On The Road Warrior
Show Details58min 42s
Episode Three: The B-Team
Show Details52min 33s
Episode Two: Dirty Andy
Show Details50min 18s
Episode One - Mahomes in a Dome
Show Details53min 18s