KANENAS | RedCircle


Random everyday guests coming from all parts of the world and society, together we will try to tackle questions about life and try to understand the human nature, reality, spirituality, psycology, astronomy, biology, AI and many many more.

The conversation will be guided mainly by the guests, e.g if a guest has studied psycology the questions will be directed accordingly and i will try to play along, going deeper and deeper into their knowledge base all while trying to connect different opinions from different, or at the best case scenario, opposite worlds.

Hopefully under the guidance of Logic.

Eventually the purpose of this podcast will be to find things that would unite the human race, searching for a higher purpose if any, leaving back behaviours that historically have held humanity down, whatever that means. Searching about meaning or its absence. Searching about everything and nothing.

Welcome to philosophy 1.0 - The wisdom of the people, scattered into the ether we will try to accumulate it back to something resembling a unity and once we are there maybe the common things that unite us as a species will be more clear to see, and thats my ultimate goal.

Hope you enjoy, hope you join!


This podcast has no episodes yet! Check back soon.