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K0MRD RadioPrepper

A podcast for Preppers who are also Amateur Radio Operators. My thoughts and suggestions from my 20+ years of Prepping.


K0MRD's Rant
Show Details8min 26s
The 3 license class levels, NOAA and the ARRL
Show Details16min 39s
Who is K0MRD?
Show Details5min 12s
Mic Fright
Show Details6min 29s
The Need for New Ham Radio Ops in the Prepper Community
Show Details12min 6s
P.A.C.E Plan and Wilderness Protocol
Show Details8min 8s
Communications for the Beginner
Show Details7min 50s
New Ham Radio Ops
Show Details11min 52s
Creating a Communications Plan
Show Details6min
My thoughts on the Baofeng UV 5R
Show Details11min 33s
The Prepper Mindset
Show Details7min 36s