Just The Tip: A Fantasy Football Podcast

A Fantasy Football podcast with big tips. We give our tips in a hilarious and inappropriate way on everything Fantasy Football. Hosted by Mac "Disfatt Bidge" MacLagan, Ryan "The Tagless" Haynes, and Matt Regan. With over 40 years of combined Fantasy Football experience, we use food analogies, and other provocative ways to give you our impressive tips. We analyze everything from Dynasty, Redraft and Daily Fantasy Football Leagues. This is one Fantasy Football Podcast you'll always be yearning for more than "Just The Tip".


Week 12 Wrap-up | Christian McCaffrey IR-eaction + Macs Funeral Ep. 71
Show Details1hr 1min
AFC & NFC + Thanksgiving Plate Review Ep. 70
Show Details1hr 4min
Turkey-Tip Day! Thanksgiving Matchup's + Tippers Plate Lineup! Ep. 69 nice...
Show Details30min 9s
Week 11 Wrap-up + Week 12 Waiver Adds!
Show Details58min 9s
Week 11 NFC Starts/Sits + Tip/Flip/Flop Ep. 67
Show Details49min 3s
Week 11 AFC Starts/Sits + Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer Leftovers. Ep. 66
Show Details49min 52s
Week 11 Waiver Adds/Drop + Solo Tips from Disfatt Bidge! Ep. 65
Show Details20min 5s
Week 10 Wrap-up + "Bidge Please" and The Hurt Locker Ep. 64
Show Details54min 22s
Week 10 NFC Starts/Sits + OBJ competing for #2... Ep. 63
Show Details38min 18s
Week 10 AFC Starts/Sits + OBJ and Cam Newton signings! Ep. 62
Show Details52min 52s
Week 9 Wrap-up + Waiver Adds/Drops (Tip Drill) Ep. 61
Show Details43min 59s
Apology for Episodes 59 & 60 + Pivot options!
Show Details6min 27s
Week 9 NFC Starts/Sits! Ep. 60
Show Details50min 48s
Week 9 AFC Starts/Sits + Tip/Flip/Flop Ep. 59
Show Details53min 11s
Waiver Adds/Drops Week 9 + DK Halloween Candy Draft! Ep. 58
Show Details37min 41s
Week 8 Wrap-up + Bamboozled Fantasy Jelly Bean Picks! Ep. 57
Show Details1hr 7min
Week 8 NFC Starts/Sits + Doggie Bag Ep. 56
Show Details36min 59s
Week 8 AFC Starts/Sits + Tip/Flip/Flop
Show Details1hr 14min
Week 7 Wrap up + Waiver Adds + Ryan is Back! Ep. 54
Show Details1hr 14min
Week 7 NFC Starts/Sits + Revenge Games! Ep. 53
Show Details52min 26s
Week 7 AFC Starts/Sits + Tip/Flip/Flop & Dynasty trades Ep. 52
Show Details1hr 3min
Week 6 Wrap-up/Waiver Adds Week 7 + Bidge Please! Ep. 51
Show Details58min 37s
Week 6 NFC Starts/Sits - Tip/Flip/Flop + Ninja Turtles! Ep. 50
Show Details40min 9s
Week 6 AFC Starts/Sits + Harry Potter Embarrassment Ep. 49
Show Details53min 52s
Week 6 Adds/Drops + Trade targets and Cat Jingles Ep. 48
Show Details34min 1s
Week 5 Recap + Poor QB production and Bye Week Preparations Ep. 47
Show Details1hr 5min
Week 5 NFC Starts/Sits + Really Bad British Accents and Batman Discussions Ep. 46
Show Details59min 35s
Week 5 AFC Starts/Sits! + Bad Puns and Deep Marvel Movie Facts Ep. 45
Show Details1hr 2min
Week 5 Waiver Wire Adds/Drops + Deep Tips on Pickups Ep. 44
Show Details27min 28s
Week 4 Recap! Strong Quarterback & Tight End Streams + #GOATbowl reaction Ep. 43
Show Details55min 41s
Week 4 NFC Starts/Sits - TNF Reaction + Fun Facts with Mac Ep. 42
Show Details1hr 10min
AFC Week 4 Starts/Sits + #GOATbowl Bets and Trash Talking Talking Heads Ep. 41
Show Details59min 54s
Week 4 Waiver Wire Adds/Drops + New Segment, Six to Midnight! Ep. 40
Show Details40min 25s
Week 3 Recap! You Win Some, You Lose Some + Clowning Around Ep. 39
Show Details1hr 7min
NFC Week 3 Starts/Sits - Matchup Breakdowns + Regan's Big Reveal! Ep. 38
Show Details1hr 2min
AFC Week 3 Starts/Sits + The Hurt Locker and Regan's Return! Ep. 37
Show Details59min 13s
Week 3 Waiver Wire Adds/Drops! + Overreactions on #1 RB's and Buy Lows. Ep. 36
Show Details43min 13s
Week 2 Recap! All the Highs and Lows + Trade targets. Leftover High School Football Memories Ep. 35
Show Details1hr 11min
NFC Week 2 Starts/Sits! - Big Spender Haynes + New Nicknames
Show Details54min 19s
Week 2 AFC Starts/Sits - Patriots Debates + Norm Macdonald remembrance Ep. 33
Show Details57min 26s
Week 2 Waiver Adds/Drops + A Stellar winning record in week 1 for your Tippers. Ep. 32
Show Details38min 12s
Week 1 Recap! Discussing the highs and lows of Sundays + Bad Sean Connery impressions action! ep. 31
Show Details1hr 11min
NFC Week 1 Starts/Sits + Regan is back with Kneecap Pizza...Ep. 30
Show Details1hr 6min
AFC Week 1 Start/Sits + Cowboys at Bucs Recap. Ep. 29
Show Details49min 21s
Game Day! Cowboys at Buccaneers Starts/Sits + WR Dilemma Ep. 28
Show Details28min 2s
Tips & Bets! Jerry is back for opening game props + season long prop bets. Ep. 27
Show Details58min 23s
NFL Roster cuts + Tippers Reflections on Recent Fantasy Football Drafts
Show Details1hr
Tight End Rankings with a Gigantic Announcement! + Near death experiences involving... Bugs? Ep. 25
Show Details52min 42s
Fantasy Football 2021 - WR Cup Check (Best of the Rest) + a Soft Announcement Ep. 24 | NFL
Show Details36min 40s
WR Rankings Bracket Style! Controversial top tier rankings + difficult words to pronounce. Ep. 23
Show Details1hr 20min
RB Cupchecks! Leftover RB rankings + Jimmy Garoppolo vs. Trey Lance Ep. 22
Show Details38min 36s
RB Rankings, Bracket style! Cat interference + Training camp reports. Ep. 21
Show Details1hr 23min
QB Cup Check! Leftover QB consensus rankings + Take Bombs Ep. 20
Show Details29min 32s
QB Rankings! Top half ranking discussion, with a twist + Carson Wentz injury. Episode 19
Show Details1hr 18min
Super Mock! Training camp news + Aaron Rodgers Exhaustion.
Show Details1hr 33min
NFC South Breakdown! Bird trivia + Tom Brady dominance. Taysom or Jameis?
Show Details1hr 29min
NFC North Breakdown: Thoughts on Aaron Rodgers, and biting kneecaps with Dan Campbell Ep. 16
Show Details1hr 29min
Fearsome Foursome Mock Draft! Producer Kyle has his cherry popped with questionable picks + How soon will Travis Kelce go?
Show Details1hr 22min
Giveaway Winner! NFC West breakdown, Mr. Unlimited, and Real men of Genius. Ep. 14
Show Details1hr 23min
NFC East Breakdown - Giveaway Episode! and The return of the Meatloaf!
Show Details1hr 22min
5 Point Stance - Is Najee Harris being overhyped? + Random tales of foreign lands. Ep. 12
Show Details1hr 15min
AFC South Breakdown + What is the greatest play in NFL history? Ep. 11
Show Details1hr 14min
Fantasy Football 2021 | AFC North Breakdown - Ep. 10
Show Details1hr 19min
Episode 9 - AFC West Breakdown
Show Details1hr 5min
Episode 8 - AFC East Breakdown
Show Details1hr 11min
Episode 7 - NFL Train Wreck Rookie Mock Draft
Show Details32min 14s
Episode 6 - 2021 NFL Draft Review & Reactions
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 5 - NFL Draft Props & Mocks
Show Details1hr 9min
Episode 4 - Dynasty Startup Mock Draft
Show Details50min 29s
Episode 3 - NFL Most Impactful Rookies: Redraft
Show Details51min 30s
Episode 2 Fantasy Football 3 Course Meal
Show Details57min 48s
Episode 1 - NFL Free Agency
Show Details1hr 3min