Just Winging It

I am currently winging adulthood.

Come join me as I discuss my trials, tribulations and lucky scores.

Spruced in on the side we'll also talk about things that come up that I just happen to be interested; Business, Tech, Health and of course Games as it is my bread and butter.

Hopefully this show, can help you see that no one knows what they're doing on the inside and we're all just winging it.


#5 Gene, Jake Paul v KSI, Logan Paul v Floyd Mayweather and Lots of Marvel
Show Details1hr 46min
#4 First Guest Greg, Will Time Travel Be Possible and Some Unpopular Opinions
Show Details2hr 23min
#3 Cyberpunk 2077, New AMD GPUs and How To Find Your Passion
Show Details1hr
#2 Podcasts, Assassin's Creed and How To Read Faster
Show Details56min 32s
#1 iPad Pro, Xbox and Productivity
Show Details1hr 42min
#0 The Just Winging It Podcast
Show Details13min 58s