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Self-Made Writers Podcast

Welcome to Kim Anderson's ( all-new podcast for self-made writers (previously The Just Keep Blogging Podcast). This podcast is dedicated to helping aspiring writers build successful online businesses through blogging, self-publishing, content creation, digital product creation, and more! With helpful lessons, discussions, encouragement, and interviews, Kim delivers a regular dose of writing adrenaline!


It's Not a Work Ethic Problem, It's An Identity Problem
Show Details19min 1s
Should You Brand Your Website with Your Name or a Neutral Domain?
Show Details27min 9s
How to Recover from Business Self-Destruct Triggers
Show Details29min 20s
Should Podcasting Be Part of Your Self-Made Writers Business Strategy?
Show Details27min 41s
How to Create a Consistent Writing Time
Show Details21min 58s
Is This Missing Role Interfering With Your Goals?
Show Details20min 10s
How Soloprenuers & Self-Made Writers Can Create Business Goals They Can Stick With
Show Details31min 28s
The Modern Path to Traditional Publishing w/ Literary Agent Blythe Daniel
Show Details36min 44s
The "D" Word And Why It's Important To Your Success
Show Details35min 43s
Niche Tug of War - When You Love Two Blog Ideas
Show Details15min 11s
Freelance Writing Freedom with Holly Johnson
Show Details15min 42s
Getting That Children's Book Out of Your Head and Into Little Hands with Tracy Blom
Show Details20min 53s
When The Hustle Hurts: An Interview with Kara Fidd
Show Details29min 29s
"We Were On A Break!"- Overcoming the fear of losing your audience
Show Details18min 56s
"Pivot! Pivot!" Why I'm pivoting and changing the name of the podcast!
Show Details21min 17s
6 Secrets to Upping Your Blogging Endurance
Show Details27min 10s
Spreading Your Message on TikTok- No Choreography Needed w/ Deacon Hayes
Show Details20min 30s
Instagram Tips for Growing Your Following in 2021 w/ Mattie Givens
Show Details27min 37s
Practice Isn't Always Like Playing the Game
Show Details23min 34s
Shifting Traffic From Social to Search with Andrea Hundley
Show Details33min 40s
Writing For Joy Vs. Writing For Google
Show Details23min 6s
The Right Accountability Based on Personality w/ Karen Bemmes
Show Details45min 58s
3 Practical Steps to Improve Site Speed w/Grayson Bell
Show Details47min 43s
Lost & Found: 3 Kinds of Blogging Keywords You Should Consider Using
Show Details19min 24s
The 3 Most Important Factors For Sustainable Pinterest Success w/ Kara Fidd
Show Details49min 39s
The Truth About Why You Get Stuck
Show Details25min 14s
How to Just Keep Blogging When You Struggle with Headaches and Migraines
Show Details43min 53s
Are You Making These Email Marketing Mistakes- The ONE with Kate Doster.
Show Details48min
It's Time To Own It.
Show Details39min 52s
Why THIS is YOUR MOST Important Time in Blogging EVER
Show Details31min 46s
Fueling Your Business with Authenticity- Interview with Talaat & Tai McNeely
Show Details39min 46s
Preparing Your Blog for Life Pivots
Show Details18min 17s
Blogging Powered By Your Personality
Show Details43min 32s
Who the Heck is Making These Rules?
Show Details28min 6s
Pandemics, Politics & Distraction- How To Just Keep Blogging
Show Details18min 40s
Managing Social Media from Beginner to Big Time
Show Details27min 58s
Got More Than One Blog Audience? Don't Freak Out!
Show Details29min 5s
How to Set Realistic Blog Expectations
Show Details30min 55s
Fork it! How to Avoid Throwing Your Computer
Show Details22min 20s
Staying Motivated When You Don't See the Results You Want
Show Details25min 28s
9 Blogging Detours You Need to Avoid
Show Details35min 35s
Why Your "Small" Following Matters
Show Details17min 7s
Are You Sending Out an SOS?
Show Details20min 56s
6 Secrets to Email Success & Consistency
Show Details18min 8s
Ridiculously Profitable Facebook Ads w/ Rosemarie Groner
Show Details21min 18s
Copy Writing with Emma Bates
Show Details23min 54s
Using Analytics and Information to Push Away Frustration
Show Details20min 54s
One Secret to Amazing Copy Writing
Show Details12min 44s
For Your People- Creating For The People You Serve
Show Details14min 39s
Going Legit & Protecting Your Blog- Interview: Attorney Andrea Vetter
Show Details32min 55s
Time to Tackle That Thing You're Avoiding
Show Details11min 40s
How To Stay Anchored & Confident
Show Details21min 5s
Niching Down & Content Blitz: Interview w/ Jennifer Maker
Show Details21min 48s
When doing the "Right" thing is "Wrong" For You
Show Details20min 37s
Why You NEED to Attend a Blog Con or Retreat
Show Details18min 5s
When Blogging Gets Tough...
Show Details18min 31s
Keeping Content Fresh & Exciting
Show Details22min 25s
How to Keep Your Faith in Blogging
Show Details22min 15s
Blog Like a 2 Year Old
Show Details22min 47s
5 Things Keeping Your From Making Money Blogging
Show Details15min 22s
10 Things Most Bloggers Overthink
Show Details25min 5s
5 Fear of Success Coping Mechanisms
Show Details13min 13s
When to Invest & When to Wait - JKB 036
Show Details26min 3s
The Thing That's Holding You Back
Show Details17min 15s
Beating Procrastination
Show Details28min 52s
Stop Keeping Track of Murphy
Show Details20min 22s
The Truth About Blog Tortoises & Hares
Show Details22min 53s
Blog Photo, Image & Cover Image Tips & Tricks
Show Details16min 47s
How Bad Do You Want Success
Show Details24min 15s
Balancing Education with Implementation
Show Details17min 18s
Tips to Squeeze the Most Out of Summer
Show Details24min 54s
The Unwritten Rules Holding You Back
Show Details20min 3s
The Episode for Your Spouse - 25
Show Details36min 28s
Beating Blogging Overwhelm -24
Show Details30min 1s
Keeping Up With Change without Going Crazy
Show Details15min 39s
How To Know When You're Successful -22
Show Details21min 57s
Grayson Bell on Crazy Wordpress Changes, SSL, Backups, Plugins & MORE!
Show Details49min 25s
Marketing is NOT a Dirty Word- 21
Show Details23min 8s
Should You Just Stop Blogging? - 20
Show Details31min 7s
Owning Your Expertise
Show Details25min 40s
Don't Go Changing Your Blog
Show Details27min 49s
Why Pain is Power In Blogging - EP 18
Show Details20min 49s
Why You Should Blog 12 Weeks at a Time
Show Details12min 40s
You NEED a Clear Vision for Your Blog
Show Details20min 45s
8 Emotional Stages of Blogging
Show Details21min 35s
How to Build a Blog Success Story
Show Details31min 57s
Blogging Squirrels You Need to Ignore- 13
Show Details19min 7s
WRITING- Weird Blogging Terms Every Blogger Should Know- 12
Show Details21min 45s
Legal Stuff Every Blogger Should Know-11
Show Details31min 24s
Who You Are, Where You Are, Who You Want to Be- 10
Show Details32min 20s
Getting Past Paralysis of Analysis- 09
Show Details24min 45s
Making Money Doing What You Love with Christy Wright-08
Show Details24min 9s
Becoming a Powerhouse Networker in Blogging- 07
Show Details20min 31s
Ditching the "I Can't" Mindset
Show Details23min 44s
The Secret to Blogging Discipline
Show Details17min 8s
Real Life Time Management for Bloggers-04
Show Details22min 51s
Avoid Riding the Emotional Waves of Traffic-03
Show Details14min 29s
How to Stop Second Guessing Your Audience-02
Show Details11min 59s
How to Become a Pro Level Blogger-01
Show Details16min 2s