Jumping Bomb Audio

Jumping Bomb Audio is your one-stop shop for Japanese women’s wrestling discussion! Co-hosts Aaron Bentley and Taylor Maimbourg cover joshi’s biggest news, preview and review shows from every promotion, and make sure you know which matches you have to watch. The show is designed to educate new joshi fans while also providing hardcore fans with essential analysis of STARDOM, Tokyo Joshi Pro, SEAdLINNNG, Ice Ribbon, Gatoh Move, and more!


JBA: Stardom Yokohama Cinderella, Tokyo Joshi Pro Still Incomplete, OZ Academy Korakuen, and more!
Show Details1hr 28min
JBA: SEAdLINNNG 3/17 Korakuen Review, Stardom Yokohama Cinderella Preview, Maki Itoh’s AEW Reception, and more!
Show Details2hr 5min
JBA: Stardom Budokan Review, TJPW Max Heart Tournament, Hana Kimura Memorial Show, and more!
Show Details1hr 40min
JBA: Stardom Budokan Preview, TJPW Positive Chain, Ice Ribbon RE:BORN 2021, and more!
Show Details1hr 45min
JBA: AEW Women’s Tournament, Stardom Budokan, TJPW 2/11, and more!
Show Details1hr 21min
JBA: Stardom goes to SEAdLINNNG, Stardom 1/17, SEAdLINNNG 1/22, and more!
Show Details1hr 24min
JBA: Kairi Hojo in Stardom, TJPW 1/4 Korakuen, Ice Ribbon RibbonMania, and more!
Show Details1hr 40min
JBA: Yoshiko returns to Stardom, Stardom Osaka Dream Cinderella, TJPW 1/4, and more!
Show Details1hr 43min
JBA: Year-End Awards, Stardom 12/20 Preview, Q&A, and more!
Show Details2hr 14min
JBA: ASSEMBLE 2, Stardom Sendai Cinderella, and more!
Show Details1hr 8min
JBA: TJPW Wrestle Princess, Stardom Sendai Cinderella and Nippon Budokan Show, and more!
Show Details1hr 45min
JBA: Meiko Satomura to NXT UK, Stardom Korakuen 10/29 & Sendai Cinderella, TJPW Wrestle Princess, and more!
Show Details2hr 1min
JBA: Stardom Korakuen 10/18, Bea Priestley in NJPW, TJPW Int’l Princess Tourney, and more!
Show Details1hr 35min
JBA: Stardom Debuts and Yokohama Show, ASSEMBLE, SEAdLINNNG, and more!
Show Details1hr 33min
JBA: 5* Grand Prix Final, TJPW Wrestlers Leaving, OZ Academy, and more!
Show Details1hr 57min
JBA: 5* Grand Prix Update, Princess Cup Final, ASSEMBLE Announcement, and more!
Show Details1hr 21min
JBA: COVID Cancellations, 5* Grand Prix & Princess Cup Updates, ChocoPro, and more!
Show Details1hr 26min
JBA: Stardom 5* Grand Prix, Tokyo Joshi Pro Princess Cup, Ice Ribbon 8/9, and more!
Show Details1hr 40min
JBA: Stardom 7/26 & 7/17, Tokyo Joshi Pro 7/23, SEAdLINNNG 7/13, and more!
Show Details1hr 46min
JBA: Stardom 7/11, Tokyo Joshi Pro 7/4, ChocoPro, and more!
Show Details1hr 18min
JBA: Stardom 6/21, Upcoming Show Previews, and Stardom 2011!
Show Details1hr 4min
JBA: SEAdLINNNG 6/13, Upcoming Joshi Shows, and Stardom 2011!
Show Details1hr 38min
JBA: Remembering Hana Kimura, Arisa Hoshiki’s Retirement & Japan Reopening!
Show Details50min 46s
JBA: Stardom 2011 (3/27, 4/3, 4/10), Stardom May 2020 & Actwres Girl’Z streaming service!
Show Details1hr 35min
JBA: Stardom's 2nd and 3rd Shows, Sendai Girls' Big Show in Niigata 2016
Show Details1hr 24min
JBA: Stardom's First Show and the Promotion's Founding
Show Details1hr 9min
JBA: Cinderella Tournament, Joshi Rookie Tournament, & much more!
Show Details1hr 22min
JBA: Stardom's Cinderella Tournament, Ice Ribbon 3/14, & much more!
Show Details1hr 32min
JBA: No People Gate, Kagetsu's Retirement Show & much more!
Show Details1hr 54min