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I'm KNOWN as the "CONTROVERSIAL ONE" for a reason. I go HARD for my chocolate people as well as individuals who support the meaning of our STRUGGLE. With proper structural form as well as the instruments needed to conquer this daily OBSTACLES we faced as an AMERICAN CITZEN. With that being said, I would like for all my chocolate, beautiful, melanated people to understand the fact that WE CANSTILL RISE. We do not have to remain in a division form design by individuals who do not KNOW us YET can make us fear US. I come to you with some information that can not only help you, but can help someone you love gain focus. I'll have interviews, debate, open discussion as well as involved the audience for their point of view. I want you to know that there are ways in order for you to reach your goals. however, are you willing to do the work? Let's CHAT!!


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